Menopause and thyroid blood tests all clear!!! :D

Hi ladies.

Just a little update I phoned my drs and to my surprise my results were there. The blood tests are all within normal range so happy and relieved. Got myself into such a terrible stressed out state I've got an abbess in my tooth which I've been prescribed antibiotics for hopefully that will sort the infection out so painful, I need to learn to be bit calmer! Over the moon my hormones are working normally . Part 1 of investigations completed!

Good luck to all you lovely ladies our time will come xxx

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  • That's fantastic news!! Something positive for you both!! Have lots of cuddles and kisses with your DH tonight!! Oh and when you mastered calm, can you let me know the secret!! xxxx

  • Oh and hope your abcess gets better soon, owch!!

  • Thank you for taking to reply to me Pollypositive :) Tooth is much better and stomach bug has gone happy days lol ! I promise you if I do ever master calm I will tell you how! Don't hold your breath tho!!! It is reassuring to know something is working sometimes you need that reassurance. One less thing to worry about :) Thanks for support Hun if you need a chat know where I am xxx

  • Great news...big tick x

  • Thanks for the support hollibob it is progress move onto next stage :) Hope the pregnancy is going well and that you're enjoying it xxxx

  • :) glad it's good news. This journey is unbelievable worrying. I guess because everything is tested and everyone stress over test results. It doesn't matter sometimes how much you tell yourself and try not to. Only human and this is something we really really want so of course even more anxious right! Be happy & rejoice when you get any good news, as it only last until the next step. Good luck xx

  • Thanks for such kind supportive words deedje it is an unbelievably stressful journey I guess it's only natural. I suppose we worry coz we wonder why it hasn't happened and if there's a reason why. Happy the hormones are ok. Makes me better knowing I'm not the only one who worries and my feelings are normal :)

    I hope you are ok and if you need a chat know where I am xxx

  • Please me know also when you mastered calm :):)

  • Thats great news jess.not long til your scan+then once its sorted u can concentrate on your ivf.xx

  • Thanks ladies for all your kind supportive replies I'm really touched. Will be replying individually when I'm feeling a bit better. Been feeling very sick for several days with toothache which I thought caused the sickness feeling. However I was actually sick this morning several times. Sure it's a bug coz I've never reacted to antibiotics before xxx

  • And relax....

    Thats great news Jess. I've been thinking of you so I'm glad everything is ok. Good luck with your scan. Let us know how you get on x

    Oh, and I hope the abscess clears up too.

  • Thanks for kind support hopeful1982 tooth much better and it's great that hormones are ok at least. Will keep you posted and good luck with your appointment next week xxx

  • Hi Jess,

    That's amazing news! Sooo happy for you! So what's next now then? xx

  • I have been thinking of u Jess x great news u got some answers back x looks like u are in good hands now x

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