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Thyroid and menopause screening blood tests done

Hi ladies.

Just to say I've had my blood tests which were thyroid and menopause screen. I hope I'm not going into a very early menopause I think prob not as I've got a very regular menstrual cycle. Whatever test we have done even if it's very unlikely we do worry! Should get my results Monday or Tuesday. Part 1 of my intermenstrual bleeding investigation done! One down one to go still waiting to get a ultrasound appointment. Hoping to get my answers soon and move forward :)

Good luck to everyone ttc we will get there xxxx

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Hi Jess,

That's great news that you're making progress. I hope you get the results you want/need. Keep us posted.

Lots of love xx


Thanks misssav fingers crossed for results trying not to think about it too much which is easier said than done!!

Good luck with your treatment. When you starting the conceptive pill? You got long to wait? Hope not. It's weird going on pill after trying for a baby (I know your circumstances ate different to mine )?! If I'd be able to go ahead my clinic said I'd take the pill for 12 days hopefully you won't have to take it for too long and get cracking on xxx


I need to wait until some stuff is sorted at the clinic because they're under staffed so hopefully i can start taking it on the 18th March (if not I have to wait until april period booo!) And she said I'd need to take it for around 30 days depending on the other lady aswell. So we'll see i guess xx


The uncertainty of all of this is awful ,the waiting around is an absolute killer! It'll be worth tho Hun once you get that BFP ,just hang in there Hun your time is coming x

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can start this month. Good luck! Xxxx


Thanks Jess. Will keep my fingers crossed for you too :-) xx


Steps forward, Jess, steps forward! Good luck for your results next week :) xx


Thank you weemrsh it is little steps forwards :) Slowly slowly! There seems to be a constant amount of hurdles to cross in all of this!!! Sure it'll all be worth it that's wot we tell ourselves. !!!

Without wanting to sound nosey I hope your treatment went well and that you got your happy ending xxxx


Another step on the journey Jess. Good luck xx


Thanks Vickal this trying for a baby is sure a roll coaster ride and I haven't even manage to start treatment yet! !! It's another hurdle climbed plenty more where that came from tho lol !!!

I'm sorry that your treatment wasn't successful . I hope you are feeling a bit better now. I wish you luck with whatever you decide to do next :)

I'm sure our time will come :) xxxx


Glad to see things are progressing Jess. Hopefully your appointment for the scan will come through soon x


Thanks hopeful1982.

I've got my scan appointment letter Tuesday 24th march yippee quicker than I thought!

Good luck with your appointment on 16th march xxx


Yippee! That's good news. Hope it goes well so you can get back to the important business of having a baby! Best of luck.

I'll let you know how our appointment goes on 16th. I'm full of ups and downs. Today I feel really positive but Iast week I felt like it was all pointless and never going to work! I'm trying to enjoy the good days and just be kind to myself on the bad ones! x


Don't be hard on yourself Hun. I had a bad one a few days ago it was when I saw another pregnancy announcement on fb and it just made me cry I hurt so badly for this baby I am not going on fb till I feel ready.Its ups and downs a bit like a game of snakes and ladders! But it's not game over yet Hun. And still much to play for :)) I think we be forgiven to have a bad day now and then. Most of time I think we all cope pretty well considering and we will make strong mummies :))

Now I've got a scan date and I've done my blood tests now feeling much better about things . I think when you move forward it really helps it feels like you're getting somewhere. Each step we take is a step closer to having a baby :) And you're taking some of the control back over this.Xxx


Thank you Jess. You're right it is all to play for! I think I'll make this my moto.

I often ask my husband to remind me NOT to post on fb when it's our turn! My news feed is full of pregnancy annoucements and baby pics! I would ban it if I could - lol! I find scan pictures really painful but I have worked out you can click on the right hand side of the post and you select the option of 'I don't want to see this' which means it disappears from your news feed. It does help a bit as you don't need to keep seeing it! It also helps to know I'm not the only one fighting back the tears at pregnancy announcements! Someone on hear said there should be a word which means "I'm really happy for you, but desperately sad for me" - how true that is! x


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