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Treading water....getting closer...what about the scratch?

Finally after an extra week of waiting wombs are now thin enough to start the 10-12 day medication and then it's the dreaded scan to see if we r ready....,feels like forever, the goal post keeps moving and I don't know whether to ask about the "scratch" or see if the first attempt works first? Such a long process feeling excited that where moving forward but nervous incase it doesn't work.

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I would have the scratch as everything counts to help


Hello, no advice on the 'scratch', I think you just need to ask your consultant, but I wanted to wish you luck. Hope it goes well x


Hi SuzanneAM, Congrats with finally being able to start, I know it can seem like such a drawn out process and I think because we have no control over it, it makes everything so much worse and more stressful. I am due to start my 1st cycle of IVF very soon and I was told the 'scratch' was not necessary this time round as it's my first go (I know all our problems are different) so I do think it'd be best to ask your consultant as it will very much depend on your individual circumstance. Try to put a positive spin on things though....I know the scan is daunting but also try and be excited by it. I try and see every stage as 1 step closer to holding my baby in my arms. Will be thinking of you....good luck and keep us posted. Sending lots of love xx


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