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Hi, I'm new to this whole thing, we have just started the process to find out if we will be able to have a family. My partner has an issue with delayed ejaculation, they are still going through the urology route to check for underlying issues but through research and his personal history I understand the chances of a "fix" are very slim. Has anyone received any help from NHS funding to go through surgical sperm retrieval and IVF/ICSI due to the same issues? They won't even discuss the possibility with us until he has been through the urology route and so we don't know whether we are just living a pipe dream hoping that we will be able to have a family of our own one day? Any advice/personal experience anyone has would be truly appreciated?


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  • hi we had a SSR due to a blockage. This was found due to a zero count on the sperm analysis test (had no idea there was an issue prior to this or whether they would find anything till they did the procedure)

    . We obviously needed ICIS then. However against a lot of low odds all went well.

  • Hi my husband had no sperm in his sample they did tests and they completed an operation to go into the testicle to see if there was any sperm in there they could take out, he had 40% they would find sperm but unfortunately they didn't. The good news is I'm 15 weeks pregnant through our first ivf using a donor x

  • Thank you both for your replies, we don't know if there is an issue with either of us being not/low fertile, the problem we have is that (and sorry if this is TMI!) he is unable to ejaculate, we've been told this is normally seen as a psychological issue rather than physiological and I am trying to find out whether that would be covered by NHS funding and if anyone else has been covered for this? Until the docs have ruled out physical issues (which my partner reluctantly has already discounted) they won't confirm anything which is frustrating as we have to go through all their waiting lists before we can do anything else.

  • Hi Saffi, I don't know the answer to your question but I do know different parts of the country have different criteria for IVF and fund different things. Are you in England? If so I think you would need to contact your CCG to see what they will provide. The infertility network uk website also has info on funding that may help. I understand your frustration and I don't think its fair that you're not getting a straight answer as dealing with fertility issues is very stressful. It may be that you're not speaking to a fertility specialist and, as such, they don't know the answer. I think I would keep asking x

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