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Update on investigations on intermestrual bleeding

Hi ladies hope everyone is good :)

As lots of you know I had to sadly cancel my ivf cycle that was about to start next month as advised by my dr who is running investigations. Although it was difficult to do it was def the right decision. Today on advice from my lovely ex nurse(at our old clinic) decided to check that the hospital have received the referral and happily they have big relief :) unfortunately it's got a 6 week back log which a bit disappointing but I guess we are lucky to have a health service at all :) At least I know the time scale I'm looking at which helps. Once my period comes properly(been light bleeding a few days now sorry too much info) I can book up the hormone blood tests that my dr has requested which will be done on day 5. Looking forward to getting to the bottom of all this I hope if they find something it can be fixed :) and give me a better chance of having a baby :)

Good luck to everyone ttc baby dust to you xxx

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sorry to hear your delay. I thought you had been matched up and ready to go


Good luck Jess with it all xx


Hi Jess, I'm sorry you're experiencing this delay. I feel your frustration! But, as you say its important to check it out and at least now you have a timescale for things happening. Best of luck x


Thoughts are with u Jess .. i would be the same rushing into it but would want to know theres no reasons it might not work x i am starting metformin tablets 11 march and menopur injections 25th x still cant believe it x hope u get answers asap x


Hi jess,I know 6 weeks seems like a long time but at least u know youll get it sorted and then u can concentrate on ivf.hope youre ok.xx


Hi ladies thanks for such lovely kind words it is so appreciated . I am sorry for late reply back so preoccupied if my period would be on time coz if it wasn't I was running a risk on not being able to do my hormone blood tests on day 5 so happy to say it has turned up this morning never thought I'd say that about a period lol . So on Monday I can arrange to have my blood tests this Thursday and at least get this part of the investigations done :) Will keep you all posted :)

Nellynel thank you always there means a lot to me hope your pregnancy is going well xxx

Dee22 thank you for the support means so much and I hope things are going well with you xxx

Hopeful1982 thank you for such kind and practical advice.yeah it is frustrating but from a health point of view and the fact if there is an issue ( which I'm dam sure there is to be causing the intermestrual bleeding it's not doing it on it's own accord lol!) that could easily reduce our chances of ivf working and after all I've been through it's just not worth it. Hope everything is going well with you xxx

Miroslava thanks I couldn't risk putting me through that and have it not work would break my heart :( Anyway all the best with your treatment I hope it is successful look forward to hearing your exciting progress on this new journey :) You are now ahead of me lol ;)

Princess09 thank you I'm sure it'll pass by quickly at Least I know what time scale I'm looking at now. I need to know everything is ok before I go ahead. I'm sure there is something causing it my ex nurse thinks it's polyps and that can affect potential implanation also if left too long can be linked to cancer I gotta this sorted. :) Be reassuring to see if my hormone levels are ok x I Will Pm you when I know more what's happening at the moment nothing much to report it's just a waiting Game again lol isn't it always and you need to talk you know where I am and I hope that everything is well with you and I hope you're ok too have missed chatting to you lovely xxx


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