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Hi ladies

Despite being matched up I cannot start my ivf next month. As I said on last post my body has gone AWOL on me and I've been experiencing some bleeding in between my periods. 3 times it's happened now.Saw a practioner nurse a week or so ago and recommended seeing a lady dr. Well I saw a lovely lady doctor and explained how important our ivf was to us and how this could be my only chance of having ivf. I said if she thought it was nothing to worry over then I'd trust her opinion. Anyway she thought it was something to be concerned over. She examined me yep more of my dignity Gone lol! Clinic hadn't informed my surgery which wasn't good wot is the point of us signing consent forms if they don't bother communicating with our gps?!! So I told her wot medication I was on and the dose and when I started it etc. She has ordered a transvaginal ultrasound and wAnts me to re do some hormonal blood tests on day 5 of my next cycle. Although I am a little disappointed not to be starting ivf next cycle ( have waited ages grr) I want to know there's nothing wrong or anything that can alter our chances of success at ivf. If I went ahead now and it didn't work I'd kick myself.

Good luck to all you lovely ladies ttc baby dust xxx

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I really hope this gets sorted soon Jess- it feels like our bodies are constantly working against us sometimes doesn't it?


I know it seems like youve been waiting forever and now youve got 2 wait even longer but youre doing the right thing.u want 2 give yourself the best chance possible so getting this sorted first is the best thing.I hope they get 2 the bottom of it soon and u can start your journey 2 becoming a mummy again.xx


Hi Jess, Oh how frustrating but like you said you want to make sure everything is right before you actually do start to have the best chance possible. Thinking of you, hope it all gets sorted quickly xxx


You are absolutely right to get everything checked out before you start. It takes patience and is frustrating as hell but its the right thing to do. Best of luck to you xx


Thanks everyone for the reassurance and kindness :) I've spoken to my clinic who said I might have be re matched up I can't believe my bad luck.

Thank you Kernishp I'm really fed up with my body letting me down it is bad enough to let me get pregnant naturally but now it takes away my chance of having ivf I hope you are feeling a bit better now Hun it's so incredibly hard xxx

Princess09 Thank you I know deep down it's the right call it was a really horrible decision to make but it's for the best that's wot I must tell myself maybe if I say it enough times I'll believe it hope everything going well with you xxx

Missav Thank you I hope it gets sorted starting to lose faith in ever having baby ones step forward ten back hope things go better for you xxx

Katrina13 thank you it's so frustrating there are no words for it but I know I'm doing the right thing and hopefully one day I'll get there and stop going around in circles :) Then I read ivf success stories like yours and others and that keeps me going :) Hope your pregnancy is going well :) xxx


Oh Jess, I'me sorry this has happened. You must be bitterly disappointed when you were all ready to go. But, you've done the right thing for sure. I hope the scan and tests go well and you can get started with your IVF quickly! x


Feeling much better thank you for hopeful1982 for your kind reassuring reponse and everyone else it meant so much to me others being so supportive and kind :)

Phoning my clinic was pretty awful and I knew I wasn't going to get a good reaction and coz I was so worried wot is happening to my body I ended up in tears afterwards, but 10 mins later my ex nurse phoned (I'd left a msg for her) and she was so supportive and made me feel like I'd done the right thing and actually gave me some great medical advice . She said it was most likely polyps and that can cause bleeding in between periods and it's easily sorted :) and she said it's advisable that any woman about to embark on ivf treatment should have a scan to ensure no polyps as having polyps can affect potential implanation. Sounds like it could be a blessing in disguise :) I'm very lucky to have the support of my ex nurse and she will always call me back if I call and really I'm not a patient anymore so she isn't duty bound but I'm grateful she does coz there's still so about infertility that I do not know. People like her make feel proud and lucky to have a national health service :) It's just as well to get my hormone levels looking particularly my thyroid. As that needs looking at before having ivf as well.My lady dr is being very supportive and I do feel like she's taking it seriously and I'm very grateful she is and putting my health first as my mum keeps telling me :) she was really appalled that my clinic hadn't told her what medicine they'd put me on and wanted to know what I was on dose and wanted all the blood tests the clinic had run on me they haven't bothered communicating at all with my surgery which I find quite shocking. I got the clinic to email me with the blood test results and I printed em off and gave em to my lady dr :) Will keep everyone posted with updates and it's like my hubby says sometimes you have to take a step backwards in order to go forwards. :)

Thanks again everyone hope you are all ok xxx


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