Found a match for my egg sharing ivf :)

Hi ladies hope everyone's ok. :)

Really big update news I wanted to share with you all here. Got a call this morning from my clinic they have matched me up and I can start next month :) I felt the need to be honest with my clinic. I explained I had a drs appointment next Tuesday about some bleeding in between periods. I hinted that the nurse thought it maybe my thyroid disease causing it but I wanted to make sure it was ok before having ivf :) I want to have the best chance of ivf working and don't want more obstacles than need be. Anyhow my clinic were really nice and said to call them once i have seen my dr and they also wanna run a another thyroid blood test on me to see how it's doing ( it could be that I'm not on the correct dosage) It's not a bad thing to have that looked before ivf peace of mind. If the dr gives me the all clear (hopefully) I can begin ivf next cycle beginning of march very excited :) I take the pill on day 2 for 12 days it's actually gonna happen now I can't believe it talked about it so much now it's gonna be real holy moly! Any advise anyone can give me on ivf I would really appreciate :)

Good luck to all those ttc and congratulations to everyone whose got that all important BFP all the best :) xxxx

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  • Brilliant news Jess, something real to work towards and make proper plans around. I can't tell you how much better I felt in the run up to, and early days of my IVF, just to have some action happening that might actually give us a baby. Hope you get some helpful answers next week and that you can move forward with your treatment plan xx

  • Thank you very much weemrsh it's Great being able to get to the next step :) And yes it gives us more hope :) Hope that your ivf is going well all the best xxx

  • That's fantastic Jess. Hope the other issue gets sorted. Best to be honest and solve the problem rather than ignore it and it causes a problem. Wishing you a lot of luck and love for the future. ️Xx

  • Hi piglet12 yes I think it's best to make sure I'm 100 % ok to go ahead sometimes we question if we did/said the right thing but it's reassuring when someone else thinks it was for the best so thank you :) Hope things are going well your end xxx

  • Oh my goodness Jess!!! This is amazing news!!! Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you. Fingers croscrossed everything goes well and you can crack on in March. Can't even begin to tell you how happy I am for you :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Hi missav thank you very much :) That'll be you before you know it :) Mine took just over 7 weeks to match me up and there's a lot of women egg sharing there cheaper and less higher criteria plus they didn't start matching me up till 19th dec and my clinic shut between 24th dec till 2nd jan so really it was 5 weeks hope they match you up quickly too :) xxx keep me posted xxx

  • Oh wow that is incredibly fast!!! I will. Have my appointment next Friday with consultant for blood test results and then will just be waiting for the phone call! Am so so so happy for you and it must be an amazing feeling to know what you're doing for another lady as well! Congrats once again hun and have a lovely Valentine's weekend xx

  • This is fantastic news , good luck with it all :-)

  • Thank you wizzleandmolly :) Good luck to you too :) xxx

  • Hi Jess .. as usual step ahead in front of me ☺ ... only joking .. can imagine how excited you are and hope all works out for u xx i got bloods done again yesterday so when clinic phones dont need ti wait for them xx and thyroid too hope all will be good xx great news !!! Keep us posted xx

  • Hi Miroslava, I thought of you after I read Jess' post. Hopefully it makes you feel optimistic that it will happen soon for you too! Best of luck x

  • hello hopeful1982 thank you very much .. yes very good to see its really happening and its really waiting for me too xx lots of love x hows things with you

  • Hi, I've been told we should be top of the waiting list by end March so hoping it all runs quickly (and smoothly!) once we're there! I feel more hopeful now. Still having days where I feel low/tearful but they're a lot less frequent this when I joined this site in November x

  • Hi miroslava that'll be you soon too dont worry :) I thought my clinic would take months to match me as my nurse told me to be prepared for a possible long wait. But she was wrong :p It took just over 7 weeks to match me but bear in mind I didnt get signed off and matched till 19th dec and there's no way they'd start matching me up then as clinic shutdown between 24th dec and 2nd jan so really it was about 5 weeks :) I just left em to it coz I was under the impression it could take months :( I hope my news can ofter you some hope that you will get there soon just hang in there your time is coming well done for doing your blood tests that stops any potential time delay :) I just hope now that my thyroid function is ok as my clinic have haven't monitored it closely and I've had bleeds in between periods which my nurse at my dr surgery said can be part of thyroid disease ekk I'm seeing my dr on Tuesday to see if she thinks it's anything to worry about and if I'm ok to go ahead with ivf next month ekk and having a thyroid blood test to see if my clinic thinks my thyroxine dose needs adjusting and if my thyroid level is good to go ahead with ivf a lot riding on it no point going ahead unless I'm 100% ok coz this Could be my only chance of having ivf And having a baby xxx keep me updated with your news xxx

  • Wow jess that's amazing news, lovely to hear so thanks for sharing. It's such a relief when you know the wheels are in motion. Wishing you lots of luck xx

  • Great news Jess! How exciting! xx

  • Yippee! And just when you were giving up hope! Thrilled for you Jess. I hope it goes well. Keep us updated x

  • Lol ain't that the way!!! Thank you hopeful1982 hopefully my thyroid is behaving :) Hope things are going well your end you must keep me posted xxx

  • Just thinking, out there is another lady ttc who is absolutely delighted today to be egg sharing with you. Pretty amazing to give someone that gift x

  • Great news Jess. How exciting! Hope the thyroid function is sorted & you can start soon xx

  • Thank you dee22 I hope it's ok too and I can start ivf next cycle ekk excited :) Really hope things are going well your end keep me posted good luck with everything xxxx

  • At last! Wonderful news jess. So pleased for you. Fingers crossed the other issue won't hold things up. This is your time lovely. Lots and lots of good luck wishes for you both. I have my second go, with frozen embryo transfer in early March! Exciting but scary!


  • Good luck with FET in March Hope23 x

  • Ah thank you. It's gotta work this time cos it's our last go. Just too much money! How's things yr end


  • I'll keep everything crossed for you then!

    We've been told we should be at the top of the NHS waiting list by end of March so hoping we have our first appointment soon after x

  • The waiting is the worst! All you want to do is crack on and get moving! Not only do we need positivity and hope, we also need patience! Lol

    Good luck! Xx

  • Thank you hope23 I hope my dr thinks it's nothing to worry over and my clinic test my thyroid and it's all ok am really hoping I can start next month don't want more time delays not fair on the other lady either she would've been waiting a long time too fingers crossed. Hope your transfer goes well next month fingers crossed for you hope you get that BFP keep me posted xxx

  • Hi jess

    Just checking in on you and to say I hope they're not keeping you waiting too long with your investigations. Have they given you a timescale yet of when then think you could start? Presume the other lady is waiting too and you're not going to lose yr match

    FET next Tues!! Yikes. Quite scared this time around. Think its because it's our last try. Because it's soooo expensive we knew we'd only have two attempts. So I think the nerves/worry is because this is last chance saloon. Don't even want to contemplate what will happen if it doesn't work.

    Don't know if you knew our clinic is in Barcelona? There was no waiting, I could start treatment immediately, they have SO many donors, and as it a cosmopolitan/business city there's many English living and working there too. . and the egg donor rules are different there. Because I'm 42 I really wanted to crack on and my two local ish clinics said waiting lists are long! Even though we had flights to pay for the treatment was cheaper too. Sorry I'm wittering, sitting on a train with loads of time!

    Anyway Because of what we've paid so far for the treatment we can't afford to stay there very long. And as my frosties are already 5 day-ers, the day they're defrosted is the day they have to go in!! So I land at lunch time. Quick rest at hotel then to the clinic for 5.30pm. Then a relaxing night at the hotel. Then we fly back next day. So I'm really hoping the quick trip there and back won't affect the process! Pretty scared about that. But at least flight is nice and short. And I won't over do it during my 2ww, not going to work, so time will tell.

    Take care and hope things are moving forward for you xx

  • Hi hope23 that is brilliant news so happy for you :) I'll keep my fingers crossed it works for you :) No waiting wow that's a nice bonus :) And seeing sunny Spain very nice :) I don't blame take as much time as you need this is much more important than work potentially life changing :) You must put you first it'd be awful to have regrets :( Keep me posted ekk so exciting for you xxx

    I'm good thanks I've got my head around it all and feeling ok now :) Blood tests 2morro part 1 will be completed :) Next week I'll get my results. See if my hormones are behaving lol ! My clinic didn't even tell my gp they put me on thyroxine how bad is that Hun!!

    Scan on other hand is not gonna be for a while I phoned last week to check referral had been received it had but there's a 6 week back log. Wait n more wait!

    As for match up I will prob lose my match as it's their choice if they are prepared to wait for me nurse wasn't that convinced they would. I can't blame the lady they waited a long time as it is. The thing I don't have a timescale to give my clinic/other lady. I don't have a scan date and if they find something which is very likely (my ex nurse thinks I've got polyps that's wot causing the bleeding between my periods it's easily addressed but again this will take time...

    Be nice to get my answers. It's the not knowing I find hard.And get me ok for ivf knowing I gave it my best shot this Could be my only chance of having ivf and knowing I gave the lady a good chance of being a mum too. I will keep you posted and thanks for being there xxxx

  • The waiting and constant tests is horrid for sure. I know getting all the bloods done last summer was so stressful cos we chose to have them done in UK as we thought it would be cheaper and easier but it was a nightmare! Cos I obviously wasn't registered at a fertility centre here and hospitals with no designated fertility department don't want to know! I know you've had many struggles with various tests and paperwork so I feel for you xx

    Shame if you lose yr lady but as you say she wants to move on with her treatment too. Everyone has their own story don't they.

    Someone on here said IVF is purely a lottery. That freaked me out a bit! Cos I guess it's true. But makes it sound like an 'odds' situation doesn't it. Who knows what are bodies are going to do or how they're going to react eh?! all we can do is hope and pray!

    Take care lovely. All the best with all your tests and hope u don't have to wait too long to start


  • The waiting for this that other drives you mad!!

    But all we can do is hope coz without any hope we might as well give up. It maybe crazy odds but happily it does work for lots folk :)) Even when drs say there are slim odds they don't always get it right body is a wonderful (at times!) and mysterious thing nature sometimes finds a way : )

    Just to say I had my blood tests yesterday I've been screened for early menopause( which is worrying me a little) and thyriod profile. I got a scan date 24th march so quicker than I thought yippee! Now have a time scale to give clinic! So the other lady can decide what she wants to do I wouldn't be waiting if I didn't have too! I have no choice she does!

    Good luck with your transfer next week got my fingers and toes and everything crossed for it works you deserve that happy ending we all do xxx

  • Thank jess

    Yes all we have is hope really! And be patient!

    Great yr scan date is a bit earlier than you thought. I SO hope it all goes smoothly for you, you deserve it, you seem a lovely, kind lady, so I really want it to go well for you!

    I'll let you know how I go next week. Groan..... another 2ww to try and stay sane in! Lol.


  • That's great news. I wish u all the best with your treatment x x

  • Thank you so much jojostayinghopeful good luck with whatever treatment your having keep me updated xxxx

  • Thats brilliant news jess.its actually going 2 happen.its good 2 get checked out 1st so u know everythings ok before u here 4 u whenever u want 2 chat.xx

  • Thanks princess09 as it could be my only chance of having ivf so I need to make sure we go in there knowing we done our best don't need other things which could hinder it x thanks I will def need to talk to someone going through ivf and that's so kind of you to ofter thank you I hope everything is progressing well and likewise I'm here if you need a chat xxx

  • Excellent news.....what you have been waiting for and March isn't that long away!!

    I was told and started this before ivf so that I could get used to it:

    No caffeine/alcohol

    Low sugar intake

    Low carb, high protein

    2 litres of water a day

    My clinic used to advise 1 litre of milk a day too, but they now say part of your daily diet in drinks, cereals etc.

    Avoid snacking inbetween main meals as it's got something to do with your body trying to break the snacking down when it should be concentrating on growing your follicles.

    They said if you need to snack then seeds or nuts are ok.

    I haven't drunk milk on its own for years, so I had some milkshakes, yoghurts and cheese on most days.

    Mainly stuck to fish, meat, veg and fruit, but did have some carbs as you still have to be happy in yourself whilst you are going through the treatment!

    I also got some Danio yoghurts and Upbeat drinks as they are high in protein

    Off the top of my head, the only other thing I did during stimming was had a hot water bottle on my belly in the evening as warmth is meant to be good for the follicles before collection.

    We had 12 eggs collected

    10 eggs injected with icsi

    4 eggs fertilised

    All 4 got to day 5

    1x day 5 hatching blastocyst transferred and the clinic use embryo glue as a standard

    1x day 5 blastocyst was frozen

    The other 2 were not quite at the right stage on day 5 so they were given another day to get to freezing criteria but it didn't work

    After transfer I:

    Took time off work

    Kept my diet food and drinks similar to what I had been doing but had some "naughty" foods too!!

    No hot water bottles

    No hot baths

    No over exercising

    Are you having any acupuncture?

    I was having it pre ivf and then had it during the stimming time, before collection and then before/after on the day of transfer.

    I also got the zita west CD's and listened to them at bed time.

    Do you take vitamins/Pregnacare?

    We got a positive on Monday and were expecting the first cycle to be a test run really!! It doesn't mean that I'm still not concerned about things and don't quite believe it, but you will get there!

    Well done :-)


  • Well done Hollibob! Some good advice here too. I should get my first IVF appointment through by the end of next month. It's exciting to be starting soon x

  • Yay Hopeful1982....exciting to have dates in the diary for the move forward x

  • Congratulations hollibob that's lovely news :) thanks for sharing your advice with us it's really helpful. Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy xx

  • Thank you :-)

    I forgot to put in there that you are also meant to keep your feet warm after transfer too...x

  • Thank you hollibob that is really useful advise anything I can do to give us a better chance is brilliant :) I can't take vitamins as I'm taking thyroxine and most if not all the pre conception vitamins contain Calcium and magnesium and that interacts with my thyroxine making it not work so I just take folic acid as that's ok.

    Massive congratulations on your pregnancy tho wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy :) Nice to see ivf can work gives me hope xxx

  • Thank you :-)

    Very exciting times for you!!


  • Great news Jess really pleased for you. It's exciting when you finally get moving!

    My advice: plan lots of things to do that aren't at all physically stressful : book some cinema tickets, make lunch plans, have something in the diary for each weekend even if it's just a friend popping over with a takeaway! Something else to focus on (if you can).. eat and sleep well, and be happy you got this far! :-) x

  • Thank you Katrina13 yeah it's been a very long and drawn out battle (3 and a half years) and I'm sure it's not over yet but I'm grateful and relieved that I made it this far lol ;)

    That's brilliant advice I think the key is to keep busy without physically doing any harm I think between now and when I start my ivf cycle I will write down ideas/ outings which I can decide wot to do each day once I've got my dates :) I can only imagine it can feel like a really long time ( I'm bad enough ttc naturally can imagine ivf is like a million times harder) Great advise thank you. Hope your pregnancy continues to run smoothly and you're enjoying it xxx

  • One other thing: I was told by the clinic to have 2-3 build up drinks per day, for the protein. I found the cuppasoups best as the milkshakes were too sweet. You can also get a plain powder that you can mix in with normal food/drink. Maybe ask your clinic about this. x

  • Thanks Katrina13 I'll def mention that to my clinic anything that can give us a better chance of working is worth doing xxx

  • Hi Jess,

    I am about to start protocol for another egg donation. We will be going at the same time I reckon :)

  • Thanks for replying alicat1982 . That would be brilliant to have someone to talk to going through this too good luck to you xxx

  • Yey brilliant news, it's such an exciting time when you finally get a start date. All the best hun Xx

  • Thank you flossy85 :) Hope everything is going well with you too xxx

  • VERY exciting news Hun! Hope things progress really quickly for you. Keep us posted xxx

  • thank you mrsDx it is great news :) Hope everything is going well with you too and likewise keep me updated xxx

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