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Bleeding near ovulation

Hi lovely ladies

I just wondered if any of you ladies experienced mid cycle bleeding and wot is normal and wot isn't and whether I should feel concerned.. I've been tracking with clearblue dual hormone ovulation sticks.. Days 9 10 and 11 I saw estrogen rise..on days 9 and 10 I had a very small amount of pink discharge sorry if tmi.. This morning when I woke up experienced very strong period pains for a minute or so.. Afterwards I noticed quite a lot of fresh blood again sorry if tmi..I also had some bloody discharge since then.. I also detected Lh surge this morning.. Most months I experience mid cycle period pain and a very small amount of bloody mucus sorry if tmi.. (Literally if I was ttc I wouldn't even notice) I wondered if anyone else this happens to., I wouldn't want bother my doctor esp if it's just me being silly and worrying over nothing..

Thanks for reading and wishing everyone whose ttc good luck in this crazy journey :) X

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Do you know if you have any endometromia/ovarian cysts? I have one which, I've been told, reptures as part of the ovulation process. When I do get ovulation pain it's only ever on that side and it hasn't grown much as my gyne thinks it reptures with ovulation each month. I don't bleed when I get this pain but I guess you could do as it's a little sac full of blood (TMI?). Just a thought. xx


Hi Vickal.. Thanks for replying :) how's everything your end?

No I don't have endometromia or ovarian cysts to my knowledge anyway.. I have been treated for an underactive thyroid which was discovered at my private clinic (so in theory my hormones should be balanced now) Maybe it was a big surge of hormones or egg being released..

Haha yes we did do the deed!!! ;) I thought it might be the best chance to conceive..Poor hubby gets exhausted during my fertile time lol..!!

I hope that all is well with you xxx


Hi Jess, I experienced this for a few months and did get a bit worried but the LH sticks did indicate it was on or around ovulation and it was literally a couple of spots. There are lots of things it could be but I was told it is hormone related and it is a good time to do the deed! Unfortunately it didn't work for me but I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you. X


Thanks me too..otherwise it's ivf at least it's an option if nothing happens better than trying and getting no where :) Thank you for replying mrsDx.. How is everything going your end? Good I hope :)

I know I've stopped myself googling it coz it'll just frighten me.. I worry too much.. But yes I thought it might have something to do with a big hormone release..and can be the follicle rupturing as it releases an yes a perfect time to baby make ;) Handy timing as hubby had the day off.. ;)

I'm glad I'm not the only who experiences mid cycle bleeding..I did worry about it ..That does make me feel better thanks for that reassurance :) Maybe I had a higher hormone release hence more bleeding.. Bodies hey?! Like to keep us on our toes lol!! Xxx

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Hi Jess, all good with me thank you. In to week 3 of DHEA on Saturday and so far I'm ok. Keeping positive and ready to crack on next month hopefully, although I'm still absolutely terrified of spending my only savings on this round and not having any success. The thought of no baby and no money left to get one is bothering me but I'm trying to stay positive and in the meantime have appealed the decision with the support of out IVF consultant. Let's see what happens xx


Hi jess1981. Hopefully this is noting to worry about. However, if it should be a regular occurrence, then you need to get it checked out. Diane


Sorry Diana when you say get it checked our do you mean if it's a little amount of spotting or a bigger amount with fresh blood like this month? Coz I always get regular spotting around ovulation time..normally it's a very small amount I wouldn't even notice if I wasn't ttc.. Thanks for replying xxx


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