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Pelvic Girdle Pain/SPD

Hi I posted a couple of days ago and thanks to everyone who replied. I have been to the consultant today and told that my swimming pains were caused by round ligament pains and should hopefully go but the lower punching pain in my pubic bone is SPD and quite severe. I have been given a tuba grip to wear and she has actually signed me off work for 2 weeks. She has said to rest for the first week and then gentle exercises the second week. She said the rest may help the pain as its currently agony to walk.

To those who have experienced this - did you find anything helped the pain? I am only 23 weeks, did you find it got worse as time went on? I am really scared that from now things are going to get much worse but I know that I need to think more positively. Thanks again.

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hi sorry I have realised that this has posted on here by mistake. I am also a member of the health unlocked NCT which sits side by side and it was supposed to post on there.


You could also see a physiotherapist who specialises in women's health if you have one in your nhs. You may need some elbow crutches if you get worse. They help take the weight off your pelvis. Good luck x


Hi nellynel. Oh this is not nice for you! Just when you should be enjoying your pregnancy. As Pumpkin has suggested, I feel you need to speak to your midwife about being referred for some physiotherapy if possible. Don’t feel embarrassed about possibly using crutches too for a little while. Often, as baby moves upwards more, he/she doesn’t press on your pubic bones so much, so let’s hope that as your pregnancy progresses, the pain decreases. In the past, ladies I have spoken to, found that using a TENS machine helped. I do hope you soon find some relief. Diane


Hi thank you. I have seen the physio once but don't have another appt. She just said to call if I feel I need crutches after a period of rest.


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