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Any tips to wake myself up??


I am currently down regulating in the run up to a frozen ET. The nasal spray has caused some unwanted side effects, the worst being exhaustion...

I work for the NHS in a clerical role so need to be alert most of the time, can anyone offer any advise on how to wake up a bit without adding caffeine??

Thanks in advance, and good luck to all others TTC xx

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I have been experiencing fatigue really badly recently and have taken to having a nap in my car at lunchtime! I’ve been going to bed earlier and have given up caffeine but none of these things seem to help. I have a 45min drive to work and I find this in when I get the most tired. The one thing that has had an effect on helping me concentrate is chewing gum! I saw something on the telly about it and gave it a try. I find a menthol gum also helps clear my head a little. If you are allowed chewing gum in the office give it a go. It can’t hurt! I also try to get up and take a brief walk if I’m feeling tired at my desk, just to the water cooler or the loo. I find this helps temporarily.

Good luck on your journey xx



I'm not sure I can handle napping in the car, I only get a 30 minute break haha! I do the walking around thing already but the chewing gum idea sounds like a good shout though :-) thank you xx


Cold fresh orange juice. Does almost as much wake up as a can of Cola, without the crash or caffeine. Weird, but works...