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Counselling after ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage

My hubby and I have been going for fertility counselling for 2 years and we have found it very beneficial. We went last Thursday this was our first session since my ectopic pregnancy 5 weeks ago. We both thought it would be tough but both came out feeling more fed up and tired whereas I thought we would feel more refreshed. As anyone else had this experience? if so how many sessions did it take for you to feel it beneficial again? Thanks Tasha x

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Hi Tasha,

Have you been seeing the same counsellor for all that time? Perhaps you need to raise your feelings about this session with them.

I think part of it depends on the working relationship you've built up with the counsellor. My hubby didn't take to the lady we saw at the fertility clinic so I don't think we'll see her much. I've had counselling on my own previously and seemed to click with the person, initially I didn't talk much but after a few sessions I started to feel the benefits.

You've been through a very tough time so one session may not be enough.

Sending you lots of good wishes!



Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes it is the same Counsellor and I think we have a good working relationship with her. I think we were both dreading going because of what's happened so that made it more difficult. We are going back in 2 weeks so that might be better. As you say one session may not be enough. Thank you for your good wishes. Take Care. Tasha


You sometimes have to come down before you go back up. I would persevere through another session - it can take time!


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