Clear blue fertility monitor is it any good?

Hi ladies/gents

I just wondered if any if you ladies had tried the clearblue fertility monitor? And what you thought of it..? I am so fed up with this trying and not getting anywhere.. Got my period today it disheartens me so much.. I have been using clearblue dual hormone where they detect 2 hormones estrogen and Lh for the last 2 months (with no luck).. Are these fertility monitors worth the extra money? ( could be starting ivf soon I hope) X

Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone ttc X

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  • I've just bought one of these monitors and 3 months supply of the sticks on ebay. I'm hoping it will help as,we've been trying two years, and had one early miscarriage and an ectopic which resulted in me losing a tube. On my second month and this time the monitor gave me 4 high days and 2 peak, and the first peak matched the cheap okps I did to double check. fingers crossed it will help, as I have heard of several friends getting pregnant within 3 months of using the monitor.

  • Hi mmc224..sorry to hear about your miscarriages.. Thanks for replying to me and for sharing that about your friends gives me lots more hope :)

    Good luck I hope it works for you :) X

  • I got pregnant twice using the monitor and my cycle was a bit odd so never would have known my fertile days without it. Unfortunately both ended in miscarriage, and I have since had other fertility problems and my cycle is all over the place ovulating sometimes as early as day 8/9. My sister got pregnant straight away with both of her babies using the monitor, and I have also used hers to verify what mine was telling me and proved to be right! Given the fluctuation in my cycle the monitor still picks it up so I'd say definitely worth it. Identifies the right days to get on with it!

  • Hey! I was originally using the dual hormone sticks then I bought the monitor. I used it for a few months but to be honest I found it created additional stress so stopped using anything. I have a regular period so have a fair idea of when my peak day is anyway. If your period is irregular then I think it would be helpful and probably quite reassuring. It's really personal preference. Good luck! x

  • Hi hopeful1982 I know exactly wot you mean.. I found this whole situation really stressful..I got bad results on mine last month and it really knocked my confidence.. But in the same breath I know by timing it perfectly I've done all I can .. I too have regular cycles at least my period has the decently to turn up on the day it's due..

    out of interest how did the monitor compare to the dual hormone sticks? Was it any better?

    Thanks for replying hope everything's ok with you xxx

  • Hi, I'm not sure it was better in terms of detecting the hormones but it tracked your cycle over the months so you could see patterns. It could record when you had any bleeding and also when you 'DTD'. It also 'flashed' the days you had to test so it took the pressure off monitoring that yourself. I felt like I had to test more often with this and it is expensive. It was a bit of a faff to be honest but I know what you mean about feeling like you've done all you can! It can feel like anything is worth a shot! I tend to use the billings method instead now (basically monitoring cervical mucus - sorry if tmi!). Goodluck!

  • Thanks that was very interesting to know.. I think I might hold off till next month as I've got 8 dual hormone left and that is enough to cover me for this month. :) And see if I hear from my clinic this month( just before Xmas they contacted me to send me consent forms and wanted photos of me -I'm egg sharing-)

    There is an smart phone app it's called my days and it's free.. It tracks your periods and tells you your most fertile days. It's pretty good :) X

  • Hopefully your clinic will be in touch soon. Everything seems to take forever with fertility treatment and the waiting can really get you down! Best of luck x x x

  • Hi Jess, I haven't used the monitor but used the sticks which didn't work for me. This process is frustrating, good luck. Hope the monitor works, if you do decide to get one x

  • Thanks for replying dee22.. It is a terribly frustrating situation and it can feel relentless..each time my period comes it Knocks my confidence that bit harder., I hope you're ok saw your post and totally related to wot you were saying it was like you were speaking how I was feeling it's so so hard.. I hope you are feeling a little better big hugs xxxx

  • Thanks Jess. Feel bit better today. It's best to just take a day at a time. Take care x

  • Hi dee22 glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better today xxx you take care too xxx

  • Hi jess,I know someone whos used 1 and they found it really good.hope youre ok,I know how rubbish it is when you get your period.xx

  • That's Great to see so many highly rating it :) use up my dual hormone sticks this month And buy a monitor to use next month(coz my period always shows up)

    Period sucks I'm struggling to feel positive right now..still not feeling well having fevers etc., 2015 has not started very well

    I'm hoping to hear from my clinic and that'll put a big smile on my face and a skip in my step :p

    Princess09 I hope things are going better your end xxx

  • Morning honey

    I tried it as was advised by my consultant....seemed to be ok and spot on. Not that it helped to get me my wish but it done what needs to be done.

    Good luck

    Hope that helps

  • Thank you tamtam1 for your reply.. :) It's always great to get positive feed back from products :) I still have 8 dual hormone sticks so I'll use em up and then buy the monitor.. And when the period comes ( coz it will) I then order some sticks from it unless I hear from my clinic :) Nice to have a back up plan tho :)

    I hope all is well with you xxx

  • I used it. It was very accurate. I used it to be extra reassurance that I was ovulating. My friend borrowed it and 2 cousins, they all had kids as a result, but no underlying issues like hubby and I. As said, some people found it stressful, but I wanted reassurance I was ovulating the same days every cycle.

  • I used it. It was very accurate. I used it to be extra reassurance that I was ovulating. My friend borrowed it and 2 cousins, they all had kids as a result, but no underlying issues like hubby and I. As said, some people found it stressful, but I wanted reassurance I was ovulating the same days every cycle.

  • Hi filmgirl.. Thanks for replying.. I agree with you I like to know when I'm ovulating and at least I know I'm timing it right..I've got 8 clearblue dual hormone sticks which will see me through this month and I might order the monitor this month and buy the sticks next month spread the cost :) I do find it reassuring to know I'm ovulating ( silly as I'm lucky in the sense my periods are and have always been regular).. Although I have underlying issues too.. If might not work for us either ..I've low amh ( 5.37) and under active thyroid ( at least that's under control with thyroxine) and hubby has slightly raised abnormal sperm prob ivf/Icsi will be our best chance :)

    Hope that's all well with you.. Xxx

  • We have male factor infertility complicated with me not responding to the drugs hardly at all! As in max dosage of IVF meds and I get 2-3 eggs max! We did have 1 successful round. We had 1 egg that worked! We want to do 1 more round in hopes of getting a sibling, a lot of money and stress though! (We had to self fund all rounds except the one chance on the NHS)

  • I'm not sure how many eggs they'll get from me coz my amh is so low..I'm egg sharing so I'm hoping to get at least 8 fingers crossed., or if I don't then I can donate all my eggs to the recipient woman and receive a free next cycle and this time all the eggs go to me ! Not ideal but at Least there's a way around it., ivf is so expensive..Esp when you add extras to it like Icsi ..

    Congratulations with one of the rounds working amazing :) So when are you hoping to start again? X

  • I just sent you a PM :)

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