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Hi ladies/gents

Just a quick update.. My clinic phoned me today and it looks like we are making some big progress.. My clinic what photographs of me to match me up with some other women for my egg sharing ivf treatment.. I also spoke to my nurse who gave me the low down on wot happens and we are both very excited people right now :) And she ran me through the consent info etc.. She said obviously won't start treatment till next year(which I'm glad coz I wanted to get crimbo done lol!) I don't think it will take as long as I expected it :) It's starting to feel so real now and I'm feeling so positive about the whole thing :) This morning I was so down and upset by my ovulation test result and hearing this from my clinic has cheered me up no end :)

Good luck to everyone ttc and all the best to those who had a BFP recently I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy :) X

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  • Hi Jess. Soooo pleased to hear that you are moving forward at last. Once Christmas is over with, you will be on your way. If you could see my albums of babies born through egg donation, you would soon see how many very happy families they create, plus you get the chance of giving birth and breast feeding just the same! I really do hope all works out well for you both, and let’s hope 2015 will be your year. Diane

  • Thank you Diana. It is amazing to think I maybe able to help another woman become a mother too :) X

  • excellent. hope you hear something in the new year

  • Thank you nellynel :) I think. 2015 is gonna be a good year :) I can't wait!!! Hope alls well with you X

  • Hi Jess, Im so pleased and happy that its all moving forward for you, once you have Xmas over with your be on a roll. I really do hope it all works out well for you both and wishing you all the best for 2015. xx

  • Thank you inhopeofababy I can't wait to get started lol never thought I'd say that about ivf lol.. !

    Big congratulations on your BFP.. I love hearing first time ivf success stories gives me much hope :) X

  • Great news Jess u are always step infront of me.. :) x hope it all goes well for you and we will be sharing more when we start injections and everything .. i am waiting for same mood changing life changing phone call :) x x

  • Hi Miroslava I haven't officially got a match but very promising the clinic got in touch and wanted to see pics to get the physical characterstics as close as poss.. :) So I sent my clinic some pics via email and they were happy with pics so I just wait to hear when they have found a match :) so great when you feel like you're getting somewhere :)

    How is everything going your end? What's the latest? I hope it's going well ..

    Be lovely if we end up having ivf at the same time be nice to have someone to talk to other than hubby whilst going through it :) X

  • My clinic didnt want pics i only done forms about hair colour and stuff and my personality and whats the reason i am going to share my eggs xx exactly same stage as u Jess .. i got my periods today so i wil be getting one end of january and hopefully thats when we start xx so excited xx :)

  • I'm sorry your period came that sucks never easy :( Big hugs x

    My period is due 5th jan.. I'm glad I've got this positive stuff going on def take the sting out of it.. :)

    Do please keep me updated would love to hear your progress :) I think 2015 could be a brilliant year for us Hun x

  • I never even expact it not to come ( my period ) as my partners tubes are blocked and think i would hv to explain too much if i fell pregnant naturally :) wee joke xx yes looking forward to it even every pain all of it xx

  • How exciting. I really hope it works for you and the ladies who'll benefit from your eggs too.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you Pm27 I hope it works for both parties :D How is everything your end? X

  • Hi Jess,

    Still waiting for my period. I spoke to the nurse yesterday and she said that the IVF/ICSI process can effect your natural cycle. It's annoying as I'm usually so regular and I want to get going again with the treatment! Trying not to stress about it.

    Hubby slept most of yesterday afternoon and slept better last night so he looks a lot better this morning.

  • Good luck! x

  • Thank you so much hopeful1982. :) How is everything going with you? I hope alls well with you X

  • Great news jess!!! I'm so happy for you :) enjoy Xmas you deserve to and bring on 2015 xx

  • Hi xlozalaffsx thank you so much :) It's the little steps forward that keep us going with the hope that it all be ok in the end :)

    How is everything going your end? Good I hope X

  • Great news jess! Getting exciting now. Wonderful thing you're doing. :) have a lovely restful christmas and here's hoping 2015 will be a brilliant year for us both! Xx

  • Thank you hope23.. It is so wonderful when you feel progress is being made and you are on track :) Yeah don't get me wrong I have some bad days too but when you receive good news it raises your sprits I cherish these moments as much as poss. :) Hubby was over the moon yesterday and I think I saw just how much being a dad means to him he was smiling like a Cheshire Cat at the thought of us having a baby next year :) it was so sweet ..I think he deals with it all very differently to me.. I forget it upsets him too.. :(

    Looks like 2015 could be a very good year for us both :)

    You have a lovely Christmas too :) Roll on next year :D I wanna wish you the very best with your transfer next year do please keep me updated and I will def keep you posted exciting times hey!! X

  • Thats fantastic jess.finally it all seems real now+u can relax over christmas and u have alot 2 look forward in the new sure all waiting will be worth it.lets hope next year is when we have happy news.xx

  • Thank you so much princess09 I'm so excited about it :) . I hope everything's going well your end too :) Here's to 2015 will be a much better year for us both and I hope we both get our long awaited BFP :) X

  • That's fab news :-)

    Another hurdle ticked and a step closer :-)

    Enjoy your Christmas and the New Year is definitely one to look forward to!!


  • Thank you hollibob :) Many many hurdles to get over with all this.. That's another one smashed lol!!!

    How is everything your end? Good I hope..

    You have a lovely Christmas too X

  • :-)

    Injections start Christmas Day, so all becoming real.

    It's funny looking in my diary for January to see what's going on and when actually thinking about it, things could be so much more different in less than two months time!!


  • Good luck with your treatment hope you're successful wishing you a happy Christmas too.. Please do keep me updated xxx

  • Thanks and Happy Christmas to you too x

  • Hi Jess! How exciting for you! Me and my partner are booking in for my genetic bloods and our counselling session Mid January, all very exciting! I have had to email my clinic with photos too. Feels the same as you, like something is actually happening now. Fingers crossed you get matched up soon!

    Have a great Christmas :-) xxxx

  • Thank you missav sounds like it's all systems go for you too it's very exciting isn't it?! Please do keep me posted wishing you the very best with it all. :) And I hope you have a lovely Christmas xxx

  • Hey Jess,

    I am so happy that all moving forward for you. Hope you have a great news next year :) xx

    Are they going to start the procedure in January ? xx

    Best of luck! :)

  • Hi babyhope

    Thank you :)

    I'm waiting to hear from my clinic prob in the new year I don't no when I'll start sooner than later I hope ;) X

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