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Advice for Azoospermia

Hi everyone,

We have been ttc for 2.5 years for our 1st child. I'm 33 and OH 38.

In August of this year (following lots of pain), I had a laparoscopy and was diagnosed with endometriosis. The news sucked, but after the op I was told things should be 'clearer' to conceive. So after a bit of recovery time, we got to it (as well as daily checking of temperatures and OPK's and popping vitamins)

During this time my OH got himself booked in for sperm analysis.

He has now been told that he has zero sperm count (tested twice) :(

The word "gutted" didn't quite cover it.

Can anyone advise anything about the next steps?

The GP told him the news over the phone and with no offer of a consultation, referral or any further tests!

I've got him a GP appointment for tomorrow which will hopefully lead to something! Are there any questions we should ask?

Has anyone on hear managed to conceive even after this result?

Sorry, lots of questions! I would really appreciate any help at all x

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Helook so sorry to hear your news. I had the same with my hubby lazy year, we tried to conceive for 18 months with no luck and went to the doctors and they tested him and there was no sperm count. My hubby had an operation when he was younger so they thought this could of effected him. They took him in for an operation can't remember what it was called I'm afraid where they opened the testicle to see if there was sperm in there but wasn't getting through. Unfortunately this wasn't successful, I remember there was a 40% chance that there could of been sperm in the testicle. We then got referred for IVF with donor sperm and I am currently on 2ww from embryo transfer.


Hi PY, thanks for your reply. I don't know much about it all at the moment but I have heard of that op too. I mentioned it to him the other day = end of conversation!! He understandably doesn't even want to consider the possibility of someone opening them up! I guess we'll just see where the discussions with a specialist takes us and get more information on it.

40% actually sounds quite promising! It's nice to hear that all is not necessarily lost :)

I'm sorry to hear that things haven't quite gone to plan for you. Let's hope things go smoothly for you from here. All my best wishes xx


Aww I can understand were his coming from, my hubby felt so awful that he couldn't do what he's meant to so wanted to try anything. He was a little sore for a couple of days but he soon recovered. But there is the donor option we had to go for counciling which was really useful they give you case studies from people who have been through it and how important it is to tell the child that another daddy gave there seed they do books which were really good.


Yeah its not great for him. I wish I could go through it instead of him! I guess that's what's difficult for us too - having no control over any of it!

So I guess the 1st step is finding out if its the obstructive or non-obstructive?

I am open to the donor route too but just want to exhaust this option 1st :)


Yes defiantly look at all options first x


He needs a hormone test before you even think about operations! It will tell you your odds of finding anything. My hubby had an operation at age 5 and 12 that rendered him infertile. All tubes scarred and blocked. Initially he was told 40-50% chance at retrieving sperm surgically. Went through the operation, nothing found... only for his hormones panel to come back saying there was only a 3% chance. He was so mad they chopped his nuts open for nothing!

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If you want anonymous donors you have to go abroad. we went to Denmark as they did a different procedure and we needed a back up plan if there wasn't sperm. We wanted anonymous.


Hi. My hubby has 0 sperm and I have PCOS. First hubby was referred to a urologist who did an ultrasound scan to rule out blockages and also bloods to check hormones. When everything cam back normal we opted for SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) Unfortunately that came back with 0 sperm also so we were put forward for donor sperm.

We then had a councilling session but we knew what we wanted so were only there for 20 minutes.

We chose a UK donor as it is anonymous for you and partner, but any child has the right to track them down at 18, that isn't something we worry about as we will be 100% honest with any children conceived.

Hope this helps xx


I'd ask for a referral to an andrologist. They'll be able to go through everything with you. In London Sheryl Homa (Wimpole Street) is highly regarded as is Dr Ramsey. It may be that TESE or PESE (sperm retrieval) could work. And you may want to look at ways of keeping the endo under control, depending on which stage you're at (ie the severity). Good luck.

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Hi we were in the same situation - zero sperm count, A real shock, Added to that we found I had a very low AMH too. SO my partner had a surgical sperm retrieval. They are different levels of this in how invasive it is. Luckily there found sperm without having to be too invasive in our situation so just a little discomfort afterwards. we had our treatment in Aug and im now about 18 weeks so don't despair. If you need to ask anything just send me a personal message as that is easier

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Wow, I'm amazed by all the replies I've had! Thank you so much!!


OH had the GP appointment Tuesday evening and got an appointment booked for a blood test...which was done today! We should hear back in a week-to-10 days.

At least the ball is rolling now and we've been told he'll get a referral after the results come back :)


It's good to hear from someone who has gone through it already and has gone down the donor route. How long did the whole process take for you? I am going to push things as much as possible as we are becoming conscious of our ages...OH didn't particularly want to be starting a family in his 40's originally (which is only 18 months away) but if that's how long it takes, then so be it!


I did ask for a referral to an Andrologist on the advice of my surgeon :)

We only live in Milton Keynes so London wouldn't be out of the question. I've also been told that there is an exceptional fertility centre in Oxford.

My endo surgeon has suggested that in order to keep my endo at a minimum (while we sort out OH issues) then I should go back on the pill. It did feel like a 'nail in the TTC coffin' when he told me, but I guess it make sense for now. Apparently it reduces the rate at which is grows back and also relieves the symptoms. It will be a great relief to have less pain for a while and will delay another laparoscopy op for a while!


This is the response I love to read!!! I soooo hope this is the result we get too. Massive congratulations to you both :) :) I guess one good thing is that you must appreciate it ever so much more when you have been through all that you have. Again, if you can let me know the sort of timescales etc, that'd be fab.

Big thanks to all of you, I really do appreciate your replies. I'm learning heaps about it now which I'm sure will help us have a better understanding in the coming months when we get hit with jargon!

Best wishes to all of you xx


Dear charlie

We are in same boat hun.

Any news far as i see last comment is from last three months.

My husband had a very high amount of Prolactin. They found in MRI A tumor in brain which could be responsible for zero sperm.

In March we will see how does the medicine worked.

All the best


Hi aramesh, your timing is spooky! I literally just walked through the front door a little teary-eyed after an endo appointment when you're message pinged on my phone! Nothing much had happened for a few months while we were waiting for appointments etc to come through until...

Yesterday we saw a Urologist in Buckingham - he confirmed azoospermia and said it would more likely to be the non-obstructive type (so not great news there). He is going to refer him to Oxford to see an Andrologist though and hopefully find out if we have any chance of having sperm from my partner.

What is the prolactin you mentioned? My OH showed a high level of a particular hormone (sorry don't know which one) which supposedly indicates that your body is trying harder to produce sperm? Is that prolactin?!

As for me, just had the endo appointment and not much has changed my end. I've been on Cerazette for just over 2 months now which should be putting a stop to my cycle...it hasn't as such and I actually bled for 4 weeks so he has suggested I double the dose. He advised me to prepare myself for only having a donor option available through IVF although he also warned me that I would definitely need to have another laparoscopy before that could happen and even then the chances would be reduced due to the endo :-(

I'm so sorry to read about the tumour! That must've been an awful shock to both of you. What happens now for you then? What medicine do you mean? Got my fingers crossed for you xx


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