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Hi. my partner and I have been trying to get pregnant for 20 months and on the 19th Dec we are going for our inital consultation. with the fertility clinic. I no longer know what normal feels like with my body as every twinge or ache is quickly over analysed as a symptom but I do have this one thing that keeps niggling me. I have always "felt" my ovulation but in the last 3 months it has been incredibly painful and not exactly correlating with my ovulation and comes a week later. It is always on my left side and aches in to my hip and groin area. now is this something to worry about and should I go to the gp before my consultation as we are having to go privately as my husband has children from a previous relationship so it makes us ineligible for treatment on the nhs. so I wouldn't like to waste money privately that I may need later if any tests I need could be covered. also does anyone have any good coping strategies as at the moment not just in the day of my period but for days before when I recognise Af is l coming and a week after I am tearful and down to the point that it is starting to affect my work. Sorry for the long post but any advice greatly appreciated.

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Hello. Sorry your worrying. I to found that as soon as we started Ivf or was about to. I suddenly was over analysing every twinge etc. but you do need to try and relax. I found that they would have always been there but as you do Ivf you do suddenly become aware of your body more and all that happens goes on. as to coping strategies. I went for walks, read books, wrote All my feelings down in a book. Helped to get it out of my head. Also a very good support network of friends family helps, also a counsiling may help you to. If it helps to talk to your doctor I would, you may have a infection. So I would ask yes. Hope this is of some held to you. ️Xxx

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Thank you piglet. xx

Hello, I have definitely become much more aware of every little ache, pain or twinge the longer we have been trying and I definitely over analysed it all before we had our tests so I think it's normal to do that! That said, if you're worried you should see your GP or at least discuss it on the 19th at your appointment.

In terms of coping, I have been for a couple of counselling sessions which have really helped so I would definitely recommend that. My counsellor also recommend trying yoga or tai chi so I'm planning to give that a go too. There is counselling on the NHS (although I see someone privately) so it's worth asking about.

Good luck x

Welcome to this site I hope you find it as useful as I do., we all understand and can ofter support in ways only those who are unfortunate enough to go through this..

I'm Jess and I've been ttc for 3 years and 4 months and beleive me it don't get easier.. I have a child from a previous relationship but that dosent stop me wanting a child with my hubby.. I know the pain only too well and can relate to exactly what you're saying.. I still look for signs and luckily I don't see any most months.. But if I do I go through the mill and do the countdown till period.. That's awful and of course the period alwAys turn up :"( I find the worst time is a few days prior my period..I go through the am u aren't i..? And feel totally dis functional with it.. Please don't feel alone and abnormal.. It's part of this vile illness.. Usually I tell myself to prepare to expect period. ( that's taken me a while to do) but I still cling on to the hope I'm wrong.. Once the period arrives it's a relief to have an answer not the answer I wanted.. It's the leading up that's worse..

Regarding the treatment side if things.. They'll wanna do hormone blood tests on you to see how they're working.. I would get a referal ASAP to a fertility specialist.. They can do lots of things these days.. They might be able to give your hubby some advise on how to improve it.. Some ladies on here hubby's have had improved sperm following advise from consultant..some maybe able to prescribe medication.. Or some men can have sperm extracted surgically from their testicles.. Or worse case scenario have you considered sperm donor route? It's a huge decision to make.. The main is get to a fertility clinic to discuss your options and their give their advise on wots the best for you both..

Finally I wish the very best with it all.. It's not an easy path but keep focused and believe you will have a baby and it'll all be worth it. :) X

Sorry what tests have you had done?

I had all the hormone blood tests..scan to check ovaries and uterus..and finally an hsg which they check your falipoen tubes to see if there's any blocks.. As my understanding it is your right to be investigated by the nhs..even tho I've got a child from a previous relationship I still got refered to a fertility clinic for investigations and if they found my problem all I needed was a simple prescription for thyroxine.. As long as it's not assisted conception you should get funding for tests and meds if needed.. Unfortunately the nhs failed to discover that I had an thyroid imbalance and we were discharged from The clinic with trying or ivf.. It was going private that my thyroid imbalance was discovered..

I forgot to add that on my previous comment.. I hope you find that of use to you and I truly wish you the best with everything X

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