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Hi ladies/gents

Sorry for this post didn't know where to turn.. Basically since I ovulated 25th nov I had spotting.. 26th and 27th streak of blood in clear discharge.. 28th 29th and 30th nov I had very small amount of light pink and light brown discharge.. Then nothing.. Till this fri streak of blood in clear discharge.. Sat bad cramps and small amount of pink discharge and small fresh blood if that makes sense.. Today when I woke up with bad cramps and had small amount of light red blood and a small black clot.. Naturally I was deveasted thinking periods here.. Anyhow cramps have eased off and now I've had a small amount of dark brown discharge.. I'm completely confused why my bodies behaving so oddly.. Period is not due till Wednesday.. And I'm very regular.. Every time I accept it's over this cycle my body plays games.. I can't understand why this cycle is so different.. :"( Has anyone else experinced anything silmar to this? Should I seek medical help?

Sorry to ramble on and thanks for reading.. Anyway good luck to everyone else ttc :)

Jess X

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  • Hi jess sorry to hear that your body in confusing you, i have never had anything like that, in my opinion you should consult your doctor.hope everything works out for you.

  • Hi Shirley how are you? How is everything going your end? Good I hope..

    Thanks for the reply.. I think I'll wait to see if the period shows up when it's due.. If no show and negative test then I'll see my doctor.. Obviously something's not right.. It's the fun old game of wait n see lol.! Tbh I expect my period to arrive I brought some more dual hormone ovulation tests as a back up plan :) I still waiting to be matched up.. We'll keep trying till then now my thyroids balanced got better chance of success :)

    Thanks for replying X

  • I had a review appointment last week. Next appointment isnt until 26th march 2015, and in the meanwhile they want hubby to freeze his buddies as a backup for the next cycle. Hubby is taking wellman conception to help improve count amd motility. So until then we'll keep on trying naturally aswel. So keeping fingers crossed!!

  • I wish you the very best luck with it :) It would be great if we just fell naturally :) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :) I see there's nothing to lose by trying and perhaps something to gain :D X

  • Were you on hormone pills before this cycle? I also had spotting after my period as I was on hormone pills for my FET. so the body was a little out of it. Probably best to check with the doctor? They may want to scan etc...

  • Thanks summerskate for replying.. How is everything going your end?

    Im taking thyroxine as my clinic discovered in September that I have a thyroid imbalance.. My hormones have been much better.. Before taking thyroxine I used to have estrogen rise on day 9 and 10.. And Lh surge on day 11.. Since taking thyroxine I have estrogen rise on days 10 11 and 12.. And Lh surge day 13.. (Using clear blue dual hormone) much more normal I think :) def with my thyroid out of balance it did have an effect on my other hormones.. I think if my period don't show up(highly doubt it won't) might see my doctor and see wot they say

    .. They can be quite bad at my surgery and they certainly haven't supported us at all during this difficult time..I talked about my period problems and they were awful.. Luckily my periods have improved since taking thyroxine :) That took going private to discover it.. X

  • Hi Jess. The fact that it has not happened before I would go to gp and ask for it to be investigated. As its not normal for you. Good luck. ️Xxx

  • Hi piglet12.. Thanks for replying to me..esp with everything that's happening to you ATM big hugs to you :)

    My surgery are def lacking in support and haven't really been there for us during this whole thing., I think I'll see if period comes.. I expect it will do.. And if it dosent I'll see my gp and see wot they say., I fear they'll tell to wait for my period or worse do pregnancy test which I'm sure will be a bfn.. X

  • Hi piglet12.. Thanks for replying to me..esp with everything that's happening to you ATM big hugs to you :)

    My surgery are def lacking in support and haven't really been there for us during this whole thing., I think I'll see if period comes.. I expect it will do.. And if it dosent I'll see my gp and see wot they say., I fear they'll tell to wait for my period or worse do pregnancy test which I'm sure will be a bfn.. X

  • When ever i have had problems with that I either kept Ringing up. Once I actually went to them and say there and refused to move until someone at least spoke to me. I get that it you might be able to do that. But it worked. Hope you gel somewhere soon. What ever happens remember the good things. So your issue with a level (sorry can't remember what it was called) is being stabled now. And we can all over come these trials and tribulations. And be alot stronger for it. Thank you for hugs. Much needed. Still waiting for them to ring me with what is happening. Lots of love. ️Xx

  • Aww wot a tough time you're having I just hope you get some answers soon.. So you can move forward.. Not that you're get over it but just learn to live with it.. Have you been oftered some counseling? I am so sad this has happened to you esp this time of year.. Ever need to talk I'm here.. I may not say all the right things but I can listen :)

    It was a thyroid imbalance that the nhs failed to diagnosis.. And I think it had a big effect on my other hormones.. Seen evidence of this using clear blue dual ovulation tests :) stand much better chance if conceiving now than I did.. Otherwise it's ivf I'm determined not to give up :) X

  • Hi Jess, just before I started the first cycle of ivf I had some bleeding mid cycle, minor and my period was almost 2 weeks late. My body just decided to play games at the last minute. I'm not saying it's the same for you and I agree with piglet that you should get it checked out if it's unusual for you. Take care x

  • Thank you dee22 for your reply :) Bodies hey?! I should see my doctor but each time I have spoke of period issues(I've had quite a few) there not very supportive and make me feel like I've wasted their time and I'm someone who rarely goes to the doctors.. Maybe twice a year.. If my period dosent show up when it's due I will get a doctor or nurse to give me a telephone consultation and see wot they say.. I do know if you bleed in between I think you should seek medical advise.. Did you speak to your dr when your period was late? That must've been very stressful for you.. Waiting to start ivf and then body decides to AWOL.. Horrible..

    How are you anyway? And how are things your end ? All good I hope :) X

  • Hi Jess, I didn't go to the doctor but I was planning to just when it arrived! I should follow my own advice really. I'm ok, first cycle failed. Just starting to get over it, it's tough this whole process is. Hope it all goes well with you & everything settles down x

  • Aww I'm sorry to hear that big hugs Hun :( It is very tough situation and feels so unfair.. Glad you're feeling a bit better.. I hope your next round is successful whenever your ready to try again :)

    I'm the worst taking my own advise.. ;)

    Thanks for the kind words .. It is very appreciated X

  • Hi ladies..

    Quick update as predicted my period is now here :"(

    I just wanna thank everyone for their kind words and support yesterday it was very appreciated :)


  • Oh Jess. :(. But at least you now know. And that nothing is wrong. Lots of love and hugs. ️Xxx

  • Thanks Hun.. It is better than being in limbo.. I kinda expected it tbh and I brought some more ovulation kit coz I still haven't heard from my clinic.. I guess I keep trying till I do.. Hopefully one way or another I'll be pregnant :)

    How are you holding up? Have you heard from nurse yet? I'm so sorry you're going through something so awful.. Sending lots of love to you X

  • Hello. That's the spirit. It will happen one day. I would keep trying naturally until you hear. You never know. I'm did eventually hear back yesterday. But still inconclusive result from blood test. :/ I am now getting very fed up. With all these tests. Driving me mad. As I can't get my head around what is happening and I just want to know now. Another blood test and scan tommrow. But we are also seeing a consultant at the epac tommrow so I lm hoping she will make a decision. As Im not sleeping well. And I'm just so tired and emotionally drained. Lots of love back to you. ️Xx

  • That's dreadful poor you.. I hope they make a decision soon and let you know what's what.. Must be horrible not knowing..

    Thanks Hun infertility is really tough but I'm determined not to be beaten by it..

    If you ever need a chat anytime Pm if you want.. X

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