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Ovulation results


Hi ladies/gents

Since having my thyroid treated with thyroxine I decided to start using clear blue dual hormone ovulation kit.. To help us give us a better chance of conceiving naturally.. Started testing on day 8 of my cycle..before being treated for my thyroid imbalance when I used to use the sticks I used to see high fertlity on day 9 and 10 and Lh surge on day 11.. This cycle however has taken me by surprise.. I got high fertlity on days 10,11 and 12.. It seems like my cycle has changed this thyroid was treated.. I wondered if anyone else had any experience silmar to mine? I'm hoping that detecting more oestogen in my cycle maybe a good thing...perhaps my body is now working better since that one hormone has been fixed..

Good luck to everyone ttc :)



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Hi Jess

can i ask how did you know you needed thyroxine?

i hace been ttc for nearly 2 years now -and no luck, i am thinking have they missed something.



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Hi faith-87..

I'll cut a long story short..2 years of investigations run by nhs =unexplained infertility..as I have a son from a previous relationship discharged us with option of trying or ivf..and wouldn't fund us..

So went to look into a private clinic at egg sharing to reduce ivf costs.. Several things came to light..but the biggest thing was discovering I had a thyroid imbalance..although within normal health ranges (ie under 5) for ttc it was raised too high..my tsh blood result was 3.9..and it needed to be under 2.5 for more of a chance of successful embroyo implantation..this is wot the nhs failed to tell me..also high levels of tsh(by high I mean over 2.5)can cause miscarriages birth detects and premature labour.. Really scary stuff.. Anyhow I will continue taking throughout my ivf treatment..and if I conceive I'll need my tsh montioring throughout my pregnancy.. Shouldn't be higher than 2.5 in first three months and no higher than 3 in rest if pregnancy.. It was simply by luck looking into egg sharing that my thyroid imbalance was discovered but I'm very thankful it was..

I hope this info is of use to you.. And I wish you all the very best with everything and I hope you get the answers soon.. Jess X

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Thank you for your response. I am going to ask to he tested, but i think i'll have to go private. should i ask them to check my thyroid levels in relation to fertility? sorry to ask so many questions

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They do test thyroid function on the nhs..their definition differs to private medicine..

If you can afford to go private I would..although medical insurance don't fund ivf they may well pay for blood tests consultations..worth asking.. And in relation to running blood tests yes I would tell the clinic you are ttc..as I said the tsh needs to be under 2.5 when ttc..

I hope you get your answers soon and get the treatment you need .. I can really emphasize on how frustrating it is ttc and not have a valid reason for the delay in it.. I was so relived when I finally got my reason for the delay in conceiving and to get the medicine I needed..I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders..

Good luck Hun let me know how you get on

Jess X


Hi. Yes, I always recommend that you have a thyroid check too, as thyroxine is a hormone that needs to be in sinc with all your other hormones. Pleased to hear that your ovulation seems to be behaving a little better since starting your "pills" Jess. Diane

Thanks DianeArnold..

It's amazing how one little hormone being a little out can have such an effect on ovulation .. Happily I've seen my Lh surge today which is day 14 of my cycle.. It looks like medicine has worked well very pleased to see that :) X


Indeed! And well done! Diane

Hi Jess glad to hear possitive things from you x just wondering if this shoudnt be done for everybody when u come and see private clinic .. myself I hv no idea if any problem with thyroid .. thunk they should check everybody .. I got my consent appointment next week finally all blood done x

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Thank you miroslava :) might as well keep trying nothing to lose now whilst I wait to be matched up :)

Have you done all your screening blood tests now? They test everything including your hormone levels., I'd be surprised if your clinic hadn't tested your thyroid function.. If you at all unsure contact your clinic regarding any concerns I'd give em a buzz..I'm sure they wouldn't mind if it puts your mind at ease then it's a good thing :)

My personal experience was I had my screening blood tests done on the 22nd September by the 26th September I received a prescription for thyroxine and I did contact my clinic straightaway coz I didn't understand why I'd been prescribed it.. They have been really good and are always happy to answer any concerns I have had... I'm sure no news is good news but like I said if you're at all worried ask your clinic that's wot they are there for ..

Congratulations on your progress brilliant to be moving forward isn't it? What's the next step for you now? Jess X

Hi Jess, I used these tests for a while and regularly had a number of high fertility days before my two peak days. Not sure how reassuring that is since I'm not pregnant (!!!) but the change in your results sounds positive! Good luck! x

Aww thanks hopeful1982.. Bless you it takes more than just timing it right if only it were that simple..!

My gp told me there is so much things that can stop it happening from wot he said it's amazing it ever happens at all..!

We have to give our best shot.. At least if it's happening at the right time we know we couldn't have done anymore :)

Nice to know I'm not the only one to get more than 2 high fertlity days..I got 3 and today I got my peak day :) Sometimes we naturally worry if our body behaves differently.. From wot everybody else has said it's all good and I do beleive my hormones are working well together :) Which is reassuring :)

I'm awaiting to start ivf..waiting to be matched up as I'm egg sharing ..

How is everything going with you ? I hope alls well with you..

Thanks for replying

Jess X

Hi Jess, every time I hear of something else that can stop it happening I find myself googling the symptoms just to make sure that something hasn't been missed with me! I'm feeling much more positive after my counselling session and acupuncture at the weekend, thanks for asking. i went alone but had a good chat with my hubby afterwards. I think we'll try a few more months before IVF. My sister is getting married next year so I'm conscious of planning any treatment around that too!

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