Bad day

Hi ladies

Despite thinking I'd made big progress yesterday.. Have discovered our surgery has tested for the wrong hepatitis b for my husband... Tested for hepatitis b antibody instead of hepatitis b antigen.. Despite me giving the paperwork to the nurse.. I'm baffled to how things like can happen..! Now instead of moving forward.. They're retesting hubby's frozen blood sample today for hepatitis b antigen... All set to go apart from this.. I'm so upset by if and my periods here too :( it's one step forward and ten back

Good luck to everyone else ttc :)


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  • Big hugs Jess...don't know what else to say, I know a little of how you must be feeling :-( Did they say how long it will take for your hubby's correct blood test?

  • Big hugs Jess...don't know what else to say, I know a little of how you must be feeling :-( Did they say how long it will take for your hubby's correct blood test?

  • Thanks hunni.

    Sometimes this situation is so hard... I just felt at my wits end...I just wanna move forward..

    No they didn't..the last hepatitis b took a week and a half.. Told to ring my gps on Friday I doubt it'll be that quick!

    I didn't need this on top of my period being here too.. Still my ovulation kit will be here soon and can try again..prob pointless..! The screening blood tests are only valid for 3 months and within that time frame I need have egg collection... So that'll bring us to January 27th :) at the latest and that's not that far away.. I done 3 years 3 months so far.. I wouldn't wanna have ivf stuff going on at Xmas like 2ww etc..

    Thanks for replying you made me feel much better..

    We will get there :)

    How's everything going your end? Can Pm me if you prefer too.


  • Urgh _ that's rubbish! U must b soooooo frustrated! Why do they have to be so incompetent when it comes to such important things? Its not difficult to read the paper work! I can completely understand you not wanting stress of IVF over Xmas. It makes it even more difficult when everything revolves around our periods too. I really hope they hurry it up for u as they made the mistake! Hope u gave them a piece of ur mind! Thinking of u x x x

  • Thanks Bella..

    The good old nhs..haha.! Strikes again.! It's really baffling..what's really bad is person at the lab wasn't too surprised and told me that's why they freeze blood samples in case errors like that happen..!!!

    Still at least I phoned my clinic and I'm so glad I did ..otherwise I could've waited weeks and wondered why clinic hadn't contacted me.. At least it's being sorted out now.. And I've got the doctor to prescribe me some more thyroxine so I don't run out.. I've got a week and a halfway worth left .,

    Been told to phone my doctors surgery this Friday for the results.. Don't hold me breath tho..!


  • Hello Hons- so sorry for you. It's such a mind scramble, just when you think you're ready to go, another unexpected hurdle is placed in front of you..... But you will jump over it ( or smash through it) and you will get to treatment..... Keep strong my lovely XXXXX almost there XXXXXX

  • Thanks hopefuljo..

    At Least I discovered this now and it can be sorted :) So many hurdles but you're so right we will get there :) Hubby results are valid 3 months till egg collection.. Brings us to the 27th January not that long to wait :)

    Thanks for being there it is very much appreciated.. Sometimes it's just good to get things off your chest :)

    How's everything going your end. ?


  • Not great for us unfortunately, but we'll know more on Monday. Looks like I'm not responding- so they will possibly cancel my treatment as I'm am unsuitable candidate for IVF. Hoping and praying I'm wrong...... Until Monday xxxxxxx

  • Oh hopefuljo I'm really sorry to hear that.. And such a long time to wait till you know for sure wot is wot.. I'll have my fingers crossed it'll be good news that you get on Monday.. That's so tough for you both.. Do you have a plan b? Sending you lots of hugs and praying hard that you get better news Monday xxxxc

  • Thank you honey- it's pretty devasting. We've discovered my left ovary isn't working and although my right ovary is giving its best shot, my low amh isn't helping. If they pull us from IVF, I'll never ever be able to have a miracle conception as my right tube is blocked, so my poor eggs just never make it. It's pretty devasting for us. We've been trying for over 5 years. But we're holding onto a glimmer of hope until Monday. ED is our next option but we have to save up, before we get there and think it's probably over a year away- we'll be heading towards 7 years ttc - it's so painful. I know I'll bounce back, but just having a down day. Fingers crossed for Monday - I don't think I can face the pain of the end of the road just yet- I'm not ready to give up XXXXXX Sending you lots of love & thank you as always for being there XXXXX

  • So sorry sweetie. Will be praying for a result on Monday. Take ir Easy. Keep is informed. Take care. X

  • Thank you Hons- I'm feeling a bit better today thank goodness. Have a great weekend XXXXX

  • That is so frustrating jess,how do they make such silly mistakes.its so frustrating when u just want 2 get on with it but take a deep breath,u will get the results soon+then u r good 2 go.xx

  • Thanks for the kind words Sarah.. It means a lot..just gotta keep going :)


  • Sorry jess. Makes you a bit cross doesn't it. I know they're all busy etc etc but this is our lives and future and emotions they're dealing with. They missed off two of my crucial blood tests in my early stages of treatment. And I just wanted to scream at them! But of course you both

    Take care. Stay chilled. All will be well soon. Xx

  • Meant we course you can't! Not both!

  • Thanks hope23..

    It's annoying and frustrating then anything else.. I was pretty upset that my period came and that just added to it.. My clinic were a little surprised that despite posting me the paperwork they still messed up.. I spoke to the lab at the hospital yesterday and they keep frozen blood samples back in case errors happen..! That says it all..!! Yes it is a very sensitive matter and the nurse surgery and hospital knew wot the blood tests were needed for.. Luckily it dosent have to bd re done at the surgery..the dr at the lab was testing it for hepatitis b antigen..maybe it'll be quicker to get my results in.. Trying to see the positive.. I missed this month now.. Hopefully once the result is back we can get matched my clinic cannot match me up till that result has been received by them.. I'm hoping that won't take long.. Ideally I'd like to start on the pill next month.. Olis screening blood tests are only valid for 3 months prior egg collection..takes us to 27th January.. Mine expire April.. Till then I brought some clearblue dual ovulation kit to help give us a better chance.. Don't hold my breath tho..! At least my fertility problem has been found out and I'm taking my meds for it and it will give us much better chance of ivf working.. I've ordered some more thyroxine as I'm getting low.. I have to take that during my ivf treatment..

    How's everything with you? Can Pm me if you prefer too..

    Thanks for the supportive kind words..


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