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Husbands screening blood tests are back :)

Hi Ladies..

Just to update my husbands screening blood tests are in and have been faxed over to my clinic :) Finally!! Feels like we're making progress at last :)

Maybe a silly question to ask..is ok to use ovulation test kits whilst taking thyroxine..?! Does thyroxine effect the results at all? Would ask my clinic but I'm egg sharing there and don't want them to know I'm actively trying still..

Good luck to all you ladies ttc :)


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Hi Jess, glad things are moving forward for you. I have no idea about the ov tests, but I'd guess it can't do any harm, just keep up the frequency anyway if you get my meaning...


Thanks seekingpeace :) Hope things are going well with you too :) X


Hi jess1981. That’s good to hear that you are hopefully making some progress. Thyroxin is just one of our hormones that need to be in balance with all our other ones. It won’t have any effect on OPK testing. Best of luck. Diane


Thanks for the reply DianaArnold..

That's good to know.. We wanna be able to give it our best chance before resorting to ivf ... :)

I'm really glad that my clinic discovered my thyroxine imbalance and have sorted it before I started my ivf treatment..it gives us a better chance of working. :)

Be nice to get the ball rolling :) X


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