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Tsh is within normal range!!!

Hi ladies ..

I did say I'd update when I received my tsh blood test.. I'm happy to say it's good news.. It was. 3.9 since taking thyroxine.. It's gone to 1.56.. I'm so delighted with the news.. Hubby's screen blood test are booked up for next Monday.. As I was told not to get hubby screened tested until my tsh was ok.. Finally getting somewhere..!

Good luck to everyone ttc on here.. :) xxxxx

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excellent news - when do you start treatment?


Thank you Nellynel hope the pregnancy is going really well:)

Well.. I've organized husband to have his screening blood tests at our doctors surgery next Monday.. Once the results are back..I fax results to my clinic and I think they match me with a recepicent and then I get prescribed the pill and take it for a month..then I start my ivf..! Very excited waited a long time for this..



did you say you were donating some of your eggs? Do you both get the transfer at the same time? DO you give to someone at the same clinic as you?


Yeah I'm donating half my eggs to another women who either cannot produce any herself or has genetic disorders she does not wish to pass on to her offspring..

Yes our transfer will be at the same time.. They will synconise our cycles.. Yes another women at our clinic..

That's why I had to put hubby blood tests on hold as his results might expire before egg collection..

Now my tsh is normal been given the go ahead to have his screening blood tests done..being done next Monday :)



Hi jess1981. Well, that’s good to hear that at last all your hormones are now working together. Good luck with your husband’s semen analysis, then you will be “good to go”! All the best. Diane


Thank you Diana.. I spent the whole weekend worrying if it would be ok or not., although my period had definitely improved and my energy levels.. wasn't sure I still needed to hear alls well.. :) So happy it's good.. Waiting on a phone call from my clinic to see if I need to keep taking thyroxine or not.. some women need take throughout ivf treatment and maybe even pregnancy.. If I become pregnant I will definitely go to my dr ASAP and get the tsh tested to be sure it's ok as I am aware high tsh can be linked to miscarriage and birth detects.. I wouldn't take any chances.. Hubby has had sperm analysis in august.. They'll base the decision on ivf or Icsi of his sperm sample on egg collection.. I think.. But he hasn't had the screening blood tests.. As I was told by my clinic to hold off until my tsh was ok.. luckily he's having these done free of charge at our surgery..despite being at a private clinic.. Bonus..!



Hi jess. Oh poor you worrying so. Hormones can be a nightmare, but once they are all where they should be, things are more easily diagnosed and appropriate treatment given. Regarding the thyroxin, do be prepared to be on it for a long time and the dosage may need readjusting. Remember too, that if you are to be on it for a long time, you will be eligible for free NHS prescriptions, including antibiotics or whatever, so that’s one little bonus! Once hubby’s semen analysis is sorted, then if it should be a little under par, they may start collecting it and sorting I,t so that it can be stored frozen in readiness for your IVF/ICSI. Looks like all is in hand for you now, so all the best! Diane


Great news. brilliant that it's all moving forward for you now, after a long process. Wonderful thing yr doing with the egg sharing too. If there wasn't such a thing as donors I would probably never be a mum!

Good luck and take care xx


Thank you Hope23., First of congratulations on your pregnancy amazing.. Can't imagine how chuffed you must be right now.. It's so lovely to hear a women getting pregnant from a donor.. Sometimes you wonder how successful it is.. That must've been a really tough call for you both.. I really admire your strength to make such a brave decision.. I think you're gonna make a brilliant mum.. :) takes more than a egg or wot ever to be a parent.. And you've proven that.. Good luck to you :) Hope you have lovely stress free pregnancy that goes smoothly :)

I think if I can help another achieve her dreams of being a mum.. That is wonderful.. I'm lucky I've got a child from a previous relationship.. So I know the joys that being a mum brings.. I can't wait to do it again.. With my hubby :)



Hi @jess1981, do you mind me asking how long it took for your TSH levels to drop to the 'normal' level after you started taking Thyroxine?

My levels are currently at 8.0. This was revealed during blood tests prior to an op for something else - I'm seeing a endocrinologist in a couple of weeks (had to make my GP refer me as he said the range looked fine to him!)

But I'm also due to start the IVF process and I think that may say that my TSH levels need to drop first!

Thanks for any advice!


Hello sparklyT..

Yes your ivf clinic will need to lower your tsh and I can tell you why they need to do that.. If your tsh is higher than 2.5 there is less chance of the embryo being able to implant.. Also having an underactive thyroid can increase your chance of having a miscarriage and can cause birth detects and premature labour.. It is scary stuff..also when you become pregnant you will need blood tests to monitor tsh level.. It needs to be no higher than 2.5 in the first 3 months..and no higher than 3 in the second and third timestarter.. It's good the clinic have found this out now and it can be fixed soon :)

My personal experience.. My levels were found to be 3.9..and my clinic sent me a prescription via the post.. I'm taking thyroxine 50mcg..once a day first thing as it is more effective.. Also shouldn't eat anything for half an hour after taking thyroxine as it gives it a best chance to work.. Do advise your chemist if you're taking vitamin supplements as some can affect thyroxine.. My clinic got me to take thyroxine for 3 weeks and then got me to have it tested after taking it for 3 weeks.. It was 3.9 it then in 3 weeks went down to 1.56.. So it went down roughly 2.4 in 3 weeks.. You will most likely take during ivf I know I will be..if ivf is successful my clinic will test it again as pregnancy hormones can alter levels and it will keep the pregnancy safer :)

If you have any further questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.. ;) good luck hunni hope it goes down quickly for you.. :)


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Thank you so much for replying so quickly @jess1981. Seems as if you got in under control pretty quickly, fingers crossed I'm the same! Good luck for your IVF x


Thanks :) I had my doubts how quick it would work pleasantly surprised :)

I'm sure it'll work quick for you too :)

Doctors can be rubbish.. Mine said I was ok..it took going private to find out..

Good luck with your operation... I hope it goes well..

I'm sure you're feel so much better when thyroxine..I know I did.. Loads more energy xxx


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