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Hi ladies..

I had my tsh re tested today and I get my results Monday.. very excited and nervous..

Hope thyroid level has improved since taking Thyroxine as I'm really keen to get started with my ivf..I know that I will need to take thyroxine throughout my treatment and even in pregnancy.. as there is a higher risk of miscarriage with higher levels of tsh.. Think thyroxine must be doing something good as my periods are certaintly not as heavy or crampy..and am able to carry on with normal activties..Managed a day out today on day 2 of my cycle..that would not have happened before.. :) Nice being to share updates on ttc front :) with those who understand it..will update when I get my results..

Good luck to everyone ttc.. :)

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Hi Jess, good luck hope you get great results on monday xx


Thanks Masie :) hope the pregnancy is going really well and you're enjoying it :) must be so worth it when you get that BFP.. I'd be smiling for weeks :D

Sharing this with others in the same situation is amazing.. Having this site has really helped me.. :)



Hope everything goes ok on monday


Thanks nellynel..

Hope you're pregnancy is going really well and you're enjoying it :) After all you went through you deserve it :) x

Will update you when I receive the results.. Fingers crossed.. :)



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