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Next step frozen egg

I had failed IVF early September and my next step is to use my frozen egg, my review appointment is not till November 17th and i was just wondering if anyone know the process for using frozen? My IVF process took 7 weeks, does anyone know if using frozen is the same length of time. Im dying to know whats going to happen but feel like it is ages till my appointment. Thanks xxxxxxx

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I've had a frozen cycle recently. I guess it varies between clinics but my significant dates were:

27th July started injections

14th Aug started taking Progynova tablets

27th Aug scan to check lining, started using progesterone gel and last injection

2nd Sept transfer of 2 5 day blastocysts

Looking back at my diary I'm surprised at how long it actually took. I found the frozen round much easier as there were fewer trips to the clinic and it was much less invasive.

Good luck xx


Hi Jill i had a natural frozen transfer with Newcastle centre for life and this way you take no drugs at all providing you have regular periods and ovulate regular, if not then you would have a medicated frozen transfer which takes a few weeks.. I am now 6 weeks pregnant, hoping to see heartbeat on scan in the morning :) Good luck x

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