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Hi ladies. I done my screening blood tests in preparation got ivf. I thought I wouldn't hear from clinic till much later... However I received a prescription for 50.00 mcg for 2 months to take one a day orally.. I was unfortunately was out today when this prescription arrived and by the time I got home clinic had shut..now I'm racking my brains why I've been prescribed this .. I've googled and all I found out was it's some sort of thyroid deficiency..? Will contact clinic 2morro.. I'm so impatient I thought I'd ask you ladies if anyone knows anything on thyroxine..? Any info would be much appreciated..Till recently was told it was unexplained..Have found I have low amh..small left ovary.. Hubby has 83% abnormal sperm..And now this..!

Good luck to all you lovely ladies ttc :) :) X

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Good luck!!


Hi jess1981. All your hormones need to be screened before any IVF or similar procedures are carried out. Your blood tests have obviously shown that you have a slight thyroid imbalance and this is why you have been prescribed thyroxin tablets. Initially, you usually have them for 2-3 months, and then the level is tested again, so that the dose can be corrected if necessary. Remember that thyroxin is a hormone and plays its part in fertility. At least it has been found out, so hopefully should not present a problem. The down side is that it may be that you will need to take the tablet for life. Many women out there, including myself have to take it, and you will find that if you have to stay on it, you will just have to have a blood test each year to monitor it. I’m sure by now you will have spoken to someone at your clinic, who will have verified why you have been prescribed it. Hopefully, you will be good to go for treatment, but if your husband’s sperm count remains low, you may need to consider ICSI and not IVF – your consultant will give you his/her best advice on this. Hope all works out well for you. Diane


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