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2 Screening bloods done

Hey ladies.

Just wanted to share an update on here.. As i was told I could have screening blood tests done without counseling session(I'm trying to egg share)..found out when I got to the clinic we did need a counseling session prior screening blood tests..could not have all the screening blood tests done today(they cost 1200 at my clinic).. Luckily for me the dr must have taken pity on me (traveling 100 miles to get there) and allowed me to have the 2 screening blood tests..the 2 that take a few weeks to come back..Have booked counseling session 2,weeks today..for my husband and I to attend..and for me to do the rest of my screening blood tests.. I've also filled out form for dr to give an acceptance letter for me to egg share..thought that might take a while to hear from dr.. Got a ton of forms to fill out and a load of useful info on everything.. All in all not a bad day after all!! After 3 years of trying feels like we are eventually getting somewhere.. Lovely to be able to share it with those who understand situation..wishing all you ladies good luck with whatever treatment you're going through and hope you all get your long awaited BFPs :D


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wishing you all the luck too. are you private? With you staying you have waited 3 years?


Thanks hunni.. No we've been ttc for 3 years ..yes we're going private..can't get nhs funded I've got a son from a previous relationship..

Congratulations on your pregnancy am really pleased for you :)

Feels great to get the ball rolling



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