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Failed FET ....again

Hi all.

So I haven't posted on here for a short while now. I had a fresh icsi cycle last August. 23 eggs obtained, 16 fertilised, 6 five day blasts frozen. I had none transferred due to mild OHSS. I had my first FET this May, transferring one blast which thawed fine. This resulted in a failure. my AF arrived 11dpt. I was only on Progesterone. DR monitored me and womb lining dropped to 4mm out of nowhere. My womb lining has always been on the thinner side, not ever being thicker than 8.5mm, but DR says this just must be how my body naturally is. So, I went on 3 x Progynova per day plus 1 x Crinone per day from day 1. DR monitored me up to a week before transfer, I had 7.5 lining, but I had a triple line and womb had a good shape so the transfer went ahead. We thawed two embryos which both survived and recovered well. I had the transfer on 14th August. Its now 13dpt and I have had a BFN. No AF but I guess it willl arrive now that I have stopped my meds. Certainly will be asking for answers. I am 26 and partner is 30 and in both transfers they have been very confident in my embryos yet they are not inplanting. I am starting to think there is a problem with my side that hasnt been diagnosed yet. The only thing I have is very mild PCOS.....virtually nothing. I ovulate naturally and the only issue I have is that my cycle differs each month. Usually its around 5 weeks but can be 6 or 4. My hysterosalpingogram came back normal, blood tests normal, high AMH. I dont think I have had a hysteroscopy (I will have to check as not sure) but I dont know what this could reveal? I dont have any symptoms of anything underlying like polyps etc? Then I started to think maybe I have killer cells or maybe the embryos are abnormal, both of which you need tests done for this but they dont usually worry about this until you are plus 35....seems like every hospital and DR works differently and has a different outlook. Any ladies been through something similair? Surely this cannot be good?

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Hi Crystal I am sorry to hear about your failed transfer, when I was reading the part about your womb lining it made me wonder if it may be a good idea to have a hysteroscopy as this will check for any abnormalities in the lining ect before another transfer just to give you peace of mind. Take care.


Hi crystal2013. Sorry to hear that things aren’t looking too good at the moment. However, I feel it may be a good idea, as Danielle has suggested, requesting a hysteroscopy. It will give your consultant a “map” of your womb and they will also take a biopsy of your endometrium just to check that out too. I think that now you have had 2 failed transfers, it would not be unreasonable to ask (never mind your age) for some further blood tests to perhaps check your immune system (natural killer cells etc.). Chromosome testing on both partners might be another option, so that if a defect were to be found, PGS (pre-implantation Genetic Screening) could be offered to ensure that “correct” embryos were transferred, all worth asking about. Not all tests are available on the NHS, but your consultant will give you the best advice about them and how to get them done, if he/she feels they will be of any benefit. Diane


Thanks ladies. Good luck to you Danielle as I know you are having your FET soon. I just wish things were more black and white. Theres too many different avenues in this game and its very tiring. Despite it all theres always that chance it will never happen despite all efforts. How many failed transfers do you have before you accept defeat? They say on average success occurs within three trys but theres people who have had 10 plus transfers for example before it works.


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