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Pain after egg collection

Hi, is it normal to have pain several days after egg collection? I went in on Monday & it was pretty painful process to be honest. I had the following day off work & relaxed and took paracetamol. I've been fine until last night when I started to feel aching in my right ovary & today I'm very bloated & feel aching on both sides & my womb. Is this normal? I go in tomorrow for transfer and I'm nervous.

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Hi AS-32. Sorry to hear that you have so much discomfort following your egg collection. It could be due to your ovaries still being a little active following the stimulation drug you were on, especially if you produced many follicles. Make sure you drink plenty of water and carry on with the paracetamol if you still need it. It is safe to take ibuprofen too if you need to and rest when you can. Hopefully, all will soon settle down, but if it worsen, if you become breathless or pass only a little urine, then you need to see a doctor. Hope all goes well with the transfer tomorrow. This is a much simpler procedure, so all should go OK. Good luck! Diane


I felt exactly the same I had my egg retrieval on wed wed nite was awful a little sore yesterday but feel ok today nurse said if I get pain a lot of pain the day after I sud phone them but I've been fine u sud may phone them is it an unbearable pain ?? Hope your ok gd luck for tommorrow xx


Thanks for your advice, I have called the clinic today & they said it's not uncommon & I can get checked out tomorrow. Fingers crossed it passes as I wanted things to be perfect ready for the transfer!


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