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not sure what to do now

hello, i am not sure if anyone has read my last posts but i will tell you a bit for the last year and a half i have been dealing with all the pregnancy symptoms and all the fertility tests came back normal but no pregnancies then finally got appointment with the gyn and they found out i was pregnant on the 8th may 2014 but i lost the baby i have not been getting the symptoms again and now the doctor wont do nothing saying it is in my head but i did 3 pregnancy tests at home and 2 came back faint line positive and 1 neg but now i just got my period so i not sure where to go from here. me and my partner has been trying for a baby for over a year now and it is making me feel like i will never have children has anyone been able to have a baby like this

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Sweetheart poor you that's so sad... How unkind for you gp to say that I'm so sorry to hear you're gp isn't being supportive..

If you're having recurrent miscarriages this needs to be throughly investigated through a fertility specialist...there are many tests they can do to see why the pregnancies don't go to long term..have you been refereed to a fertility specialist? I think you need to be...Have you got a doctor at your surgery who might be more than happy to refer you? Sometimes you find there's a doctor that will that extra mile..I have one like that and if I have any concerns I see him...cos I know he will always be there for me ...and I trust his opinion..I know he will do his best for me ..I'm assuming it's the blood tests you've had done via your gp? Has hubby/partner had his sperm analyzed? Really important that he has... Sometimes you to fight nhs to get anywhere...perhaps contact your local ccg these are the people who can fund fertility treatment through the nhs.. They maybe able to shed some light on the subject..worth a shot.. I personally would try to be referred to a specialist ASAP..explain the miscarriages..they might be able to refer you on those grounds.. Take your hubby or partner with you as they will go through the referral with you both..

I've been trying for 3 years with hubby now..it don't get any easier..I come to expect the period every month..still feel disappointed tho..my situation was unexplained..I have a child from a previous relationship so can't get nhs funding.. Went to a private clinic last month..through a scan performed was discovered left ovary was less than half the size of my right ovary..looked so bad I was asked if I had surgery or a bad injury to the ovary ...and when I said no was told it had declined to a women of over 40..I'm only 32...wot part of that was normal according to the nhs..I do not know!! Having to have my ovary investigated now before I can proceed with ivf. .. Hubby has too much abnormal sperm 83% up 75% is considered normal ...my amh is also low 5.37 should be 10 to 15 for my age..nothing about any of that was unexplained.. I think it's such a cop out to label it unexplained...it took me 2 years but finally have our reasons... If you think something's not ok..don't let em fob you off..he who shouts louder gets listened too..I found that the hard way..At least I'm accepted for egg sharing ivf I had to put put it on hold due ovary investigations..,

Good luck hunni I hope it goes well.. Can Pm me if you ever need a chat..otherwise I wish you all the best x x x


I am so sorry read this about you :((((


I am so sorry to read this about you , but at least y have a baby and y feel much better :)))))) I am new here if I want to have a privat chat with you, what I need to do??? Thank you very much


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