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Preparation for FET

Hello, just wondering what, if any, preps people have done before a successful FET. Mine is scheduled for 3rd November, and I am thinking I need to start now on the healthy eating/no alcohol/caffeine regime. I don't want to cause myself any more stress though, going on holibobs in 2 weeks and want to have a few glasses of wine! Perhaps start the healthy plan in Sept - giving myself 8 weeks!

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Hi, I'm not sure I did anything in particular. I was trying to eat healthily and limit alcohol and caffeine anyway, but other than that just tried to carry on as normal and chill out - glad you are going on hols and I wouldnt worry at all about having a few glasses of wine. That's the advantage of IVF; you know exactly when to stop alcohol/caffeine etc! Enjoy it while you can and if it helps you relax and enjoy yourself then that is good preparation, as relaxing and feeling good emotionally is just as important :-) xxx


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