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Low AMH & severe endo

Looking for some stories of any of you TTC with low AMH and severe endometriosis? I had 2nd lap Feb 14 to remove severe endometriosis, with majority removed apart from section on bowel. Had 2 failed IVF cycles prior to this lap. I also have low AMH and still TTC. Have any of you conceived or TTC in similar circumstances. I'm now embarking on private IVF for ICSI and would be greatful of any of your experiences x

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HI I cant share success with you as I only started on the short protocol on sat evening, However I can relate to the low AMH. we were refused treatment at the NHS hospital as my AMH fell below their criteria. we are now being treated privately with Care. I am very worried that I wouldn't respond to the treatment but this is something we will have to do and see and happens. I have my first scan on Friday to see whats happening.

how well did you respond with your previous cycles?


I have also got a low AMH level for my age and my first round of ICSI didn't work but I put that down to trial and error... I have got in my mind that the first go is a practice run and that your body isn't used to all the tablets, injections... etc! I am due back in september for my second round and I feel really positive about this one... I really hope it works for you hun! x x x


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