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Starting my down regs buserelin injections today!

So the day is finally here where I get to start my treatment.

I was our back on the pill two weeks ago so they could make me come on a bit realise than expected and I start my down reg injections tonight eeeeeek feeling excited, scared, nervous and anxious all at the same time.

I stop takin the pill next thur so should come on a couple of days later my 1st scan is 13th Aug then day after I start gonal f but still have to inject buserelin aswell (is that normal? to inject a down reg and a stimulant? The down reg does drop from 500-200 and the gonal f is 125 x

Any prev experience will be much appreciated, i soooo badly want this to work. What can I do eat or take to improve my chances xxxxx

Thanks people ❤️

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Hopefully you will get some advice. I start the stimulation drugs next week as im on the short protocol not long, I don't do the down regulation bit.. I think you just need to try and relax and eat as normal. You can get too hooked over things to do.. the only thing I have done is reduce caffeine..


Hi I start my gonal f injections tomorrow feeling the same nervous and excited booked in for 2nd scan nx wk hope everything goes well for u x


Hi Sarah... How are things going ?

I started the buserelin nasal spray on the 20 July and went for scan and blood test on the 04 Aug. disappointingly showed a 2cm cyst on my ovary and the blood test showed I was not down regulated enough. So started a five day course 1aday of provera tablets and one pragynl injection. Last tablet taken on Saturday so hoping for induced bleed soon. Then can arrange blood test and scan and start the stimulation process. Just want to get going... A little frustrated. X


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