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Low amh

Just discovered my amh is 4.. Does this mean I'll never be able to conceive naturally? Got discharged from nhs hospital last month..looked into egg sharing as I have a son...found out left ovary is half the size of right one and has declined...and just to top it got my amh results and it's really low. Can I get medication or something on the nhs? Any advice greatly appreciated.. Feel so empty and sad right now

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With a low AMH, it makes fertility treatments a bit tricky. While 4 is low it is not super low. If you do the drugs, you will have a higher dose, and not get a lot of eggs. I don't think there are drugs that can increase your AMH, but some people are talking about DHEA supplements helping. But I never used it as it can raise blood pressure and there isn't a lot of long term research.

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Thanks for replying film girl means a lit to me :)

I've got my ex nurse phoning me 2morro and will def ask about those..I'm really hoping that the nhs can now help us... Right now it seems a frightening place to be,.

Thanks again for replying hope alls going well for you :) x


I am a low responder to fertility drugs, so given the same drugs as a person with low AMH. I have had 1 successful pregnancy and 1 miscarriage. We don't know if I could have conceived naturally as my husband has problems as well.

Because you already have a child, be prepared to self fund. We only had 1 go on the NHS, the others were self funded.

Fingers crossed you can get some help! Any assistance is better than nothing.


I was going to see if there's anything else they could perhaps ofter other than ivf? This is wot I will ask our ex nurse...they couldn't help us as it was unexplained but now there's a reason maybe they can obviously not ivf but maybe some medication..worth asking...

I know I would have to pay..unlikely I will be accepted to egg share...

Congratulations on successful pregnancy that is wonderful News I am pleased for you :)



Hi fell pregnant and Misscaried on my own and then found out had low AMH that's also 4 , I have just started treatment yesterday xx


I am do sorry to hear about your miscarriage that's awful :(

What treatment have u started if you don't mind me asking? I just wondered If there's anything other than ivf..,

Thank you for your reply it means so much to me ..

Good luck with it all. :)



Update I have spoken to someone in charge of ccg for my county and she has happily reassured me that I am entitled with the new findings to be re referred to my old nhs fertility clinic and be re investigated :) Was horrified at nhs hospital didn't pick up on my left ovary being less than half the size if my right ovary(had this confirmed by gp) Will wait till my dr is back from hols to re refer me again...I'm so happy to have some good news :) Thank girls for all your support and kind words during this hard time..Baby dust to you all :D

X x x x


Hi jess,im so pleased u spoke to your ex nurse.its great news you can be re refered,u have a reason for not being able to conceive so u should be able to have help from the nhs.i hope youre feeling a bit better today.xx


Thank you. The support you gave me in a dark time was appreciated :)

Spoke to someone in charge of funding in my area that's a great option to have now. I could have meds now maybe..

Ironically lister have phoned me to say to attend appointment on the 6th...the dr said my follicle count was acceptable and counteracted out by low amh.. I asked if there would be a charge they said no.its still a egg sharing program.., hmmm

Anyway the nurse will phone is phoning 2morro(I forgot they are shut today whoops!) I need to seriously discuss my options with her and see wot she thinks is the best forward..I totally prepared for lister to not accept me. ..

Lots of options available :)

How's everything going your end?

X x


Hi jess,everythings ok with me,on day 3 of my 2 nd round so we ll see.im so happy for you that doors are opening again,it may take a little longer but youll get there.xx


Thanks Hun . Yesterday I had nothing today options and hope :)

We will get there hunni we will beat this thing girl ;)

Thanks for all your support it meant so much to me .

I'm so happy to hear you're getting on well and are happy :D

X x x


Hi Jess when I had my ovarian reserve test - (amh) my letter said with the results anything over 4 is normal, but I am not sure if it needs to be over 4 or just 4 and no lower to be accepted for nhs treatment. Mine was 31.4 and when I did ivf I had 30 to 35 follicles on the lowest dose of drugs, that's how I got so many embryos frozen. I have seen people on here with lower ovarian reserves and still succeed, so don't give up on loosing hope, all the best. X


Hi Danielle davision. Thank you for the info it was most useful and inspiring :) There is always hope you're so right :) some days can be tougher than others...but you just gotta pick yourself up and keep going...I thought my amh was really low at 4.36 ... I didn't realize that is considered normal that has cheered me up I thought my fertility had rapidly declined :) Feeling much more hopeful thank you...I'm not surprised it's not massively high.. i recently discovered my left ovary is under half the size if the right ovary..and only produced 3 follicles..where as the other had 9 follicles..had the same scan at nhs and said both ovaries were normal..it took going private to discover the decline of my left ovary...2 years after going for help..it is a relief to finally be given a reason..felt really brushed off by medical profession with unexplained fertility..hmmm...Always knew there was a reason..we know our bodies better than a dr...;) I phoned my ccg to see if with new findings if we could be referred back to the nhs ..esp as I thought my egg sharing was about to fall through..I was shocked when the private clinic said to keep appointment..cos follicle count was acceptable ..and I wasn't be charged as it's still an egg sharing program consultation ...i said if I couldn't be accepted I wasn't prepared to pay...esp as I'm probably entitled to nhs funding..as long as it's not ivf.. have a son from previous relationship..my ex nurse from our old nhs clinic is ringing as I need to ask her what our best step forward.shes so supportive ...Today has been a complete turn around yesterday I thought I lost everything..today there's options and hope :D

How is everything going with you? What stage are you at with your treatment?

Thanks for such kind words means a lot..:)

All the best for you too baby dust :D

X x x


Hi Jess it must of been a shock for you too find out about your ovary and I know this is easier said then done but you still have your other ovary that is working well, I have heard of woman have a ovary removed and still conceived with one ovary through IVF, not that I am saying you need it removed but it is just an example. Yes if your amh is reading over 4 then our clinic states anything more then 4 is normal, it might just be low with you having the one better ovary then the other, but I still think you will have a chance. I have had a failed IVF last November and I am starting a frozen transfer in the upcoming weeks, as I had surgery 6 weeks ago to remove my remaining fallopian tube due to hydrosalpinx so now I have a best chance now that the tube is removed :) x


Hi Danielle.

I'm sorry to hear your ivf cycle failed nov.. I can't even imagine how dreadful that would feel...That's good news they've sorted the problem...you will have a good chance of the ivf working.. :) I've read lots of success stories if fet cycles..sometimes it works better for women to have fet instead of fresh cycles.. It's less stress on your body...

It was a shock...but you know wot it's far better to have a reason. Than be fobbed off with nowt being wrong..thanks for kind words...I'm glad my right ovary is working extra hard lol ;)

I can't quite beleive it but... the private clinic I was looking into egg sharing want to attend appointment on the 6th august still...I phoned yesterday and explained unless I get accepted for egg share I don't want the appointment as it is then chargable., the dr looked at my results and said cos my follicle count was acceptable and counteracted out my amh that is an egg sharing appointment so won't incur charges. .. We will find out where the land lies ;) I def keep u posted :)

In case this falls through I have contacted my local ccg nhs funding office to see if these findings mean I could get funding now.. I have a child which meant I couldn't have ivf on the nhs..hence egg sharing...the lady I spoke to was so lovely.. She was horrified scan was miss read...the up take is I can now be re refered and get help like meds that might help me on the nhs...which is a good option to consider..

I think it's good to have options to choose from I'm keeping an open mind..

Good luck with your cycle I've got fingers toes crossed it works :D

Keep me posted

Jess x x x


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