Having had an vaginal ultrasound at an nhs hospital and told ovaries were normal went to a private hospital today and was completely shocked that my left ovary is half the size of my right ovary and should be a 1cm bigger than it is. Was asked my age I thought oh god this isn't good I said 32 she then said that's not normal for someone as young as you and that that decline with ovaries increase with age and that my ovaries were like a 40 year olds :( I feel so let down by the nhs also I had the amh test and now I'm terrified my egg quality has also declined and now I won't able to egg share I cannot afford ivf. Where do I go ftom here? Could I get help now from the nhs as I have a fertlity problem? any advice would be so much appreciated feeling lost right now

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  • Hi Jess I've never heard of ovary size being a problem or indicator of egg decline. And anyway you have one "normal" size ovary which is all you need. I wouldn't worry too much. Wait until you get your AMH results before you start panicking. Yes sometime NHS clinics can be a bit crap but I'm sure they would have picked it up if they thought it was a problem. So fingers crossed it just a scare.

  • Thank you for replying I rely do appreciate it. Sometimes your mind goes over laid and u think the worst possible thoughts. I am so desperate to be a mum. I really hope it's a scare . I think I will phone the drs to tell them wot happened and see wot he says. I feel shell shocked. You know how how it is u start thinking the worst . The nurse did say it's quality not the amount so providing the amh is good I could still egg share as long as I produce 8 that'll be ok .

    How is everything with you?


  • I'm just waiting to start my 2nd cycle in August. Can't wait but also anxious about the outcome. Everything takes sooo long and you just think it will never happen. But you got to stay positive or what's the point of putting yourself through this. So fingers crossed for a good AMH and plenty of eggs for both of us. God you feel like a chicken lol xx

  • Good luck with your second cycle

  • Thanks Shirley, I see that you are on Norethisterone pills. I will be using these on my next cycle. Will be on the short protocol is that what you are on. Can I ask how you are finding it. I was on the long last time. After 7 days of stimming some follicles on my right but my left had gone mad and there were three over 20mm. After some discussion they decided to continue to stim me so after 11 days of stimming they got 10 eggs 7 mature and 6 fertilised via ICSI. Had 2 transferred on day 3 but ended with chemical pregnancy. So now I am concerned about my egg quality. now that we are self funding the seem to be throwing everything at it. How's it going for you?

  • Hi missmmc, im on day 3 of noresthisterone. I guess it is the short protocol. Last time i took them, i felt down depressed, and had sleepness nights. Not sure what it will be like this time. This is my 4th time taking it. Normally after the noresthisterone, you have a bleed and i nees to go for an vaginal scan on day 1-3 of the bleed. If the lining is thin then i can start the stim injections. But after the 3 rd time, my lining was thick, between 6-7 mm. So each time they had to abandone the stimulation. In may i had a hysterscopy to imvestigate why endo lining is thick, as they explain with the blees all the lining is supposed to shed, but with me there was some still left behind.

    Anyway after they had the results, they said everything was fine and they didnt find anything abnormal in the uterus or in the lining itself. The explaination i was given that, it could be due to hormonal issues that all thr lining was shedding. At the procedure they have it a good scrape out. And told me to start noresthisterone again this month. So in really hoping that everything is normal and i have thin lining after ny next bleed and then i can start the stimulation. My amh is low, so they said i would be lucky if they can get 4-6 eggs out of me also my husband had severe low count is sperm. We are down icsi aswell. I having my fingers crossed.

  • Shirley thanks for the info I really hope you get to complete the cycle this time and with a BFP. During my last cycle I was lucky didn't have many side effects a little insomnia during down regging. So hopefully once you start stimming you will feel better. Good luck xx

  • Thank you missmmc,

  • Good luck with your second cycle

  • Thank u Missmmc .i hope everything goes well with ur cycle :)

    Feeling much better spoke to my gp and she's taking it seriously and has booked me an appointment to see her this Monday at 9,am so pleased that she is on the case :) She is shocked by scan results and I have got the private clinic to fax the scan results over.. I phoned my old nurse to make sure our previous investigations had been sent to my doctors surgery. She is also quite surprised but was really supportive and said to keep her updated with everything :)

    Feeing better now I've got the support from the medical professionals.

    Will update you I've had my dr appointment.

    How is everything going with you?


  • Oh jess, im so sorry to hear this!! Maybe you can go to nhs and ask them for help. Also why nhs couldnot pick up the problem with your ovaries. Keep us updated on your next step

  • Thank you Shirley. I love this site everybody is so supportive of each other's ups and downs.

    Yeah I'm horrified that it wasn't picked up at an nhs hospital you don't think of questioning medical experts u assume and put trust that they are right....

    If I hadn't been considering egg sharing I would've never have had a scan and discovered my problem with my left ovary and that is a scary thought they picked it up straightaway asked me if I'd had an injury to the left ovary or had surgery which I haven't it was that bad and my left ovary has declined to a women of 40 is half the size of the other one I'm puzzled how they could miss that....

    In light of this finding I've been in touch dr and the dr is very concerned over it and wants the hospital to fax the pictures over to my surgery who have told my dr I am not registered there and that I didn't have a scan there so now I'm battling with the clinic to send the pictures over everything about this has to be so difficult never straight forward so tired of fighting lol... Gp wants to see me Monday wanted to see me earlier but is giving the clinic the chance to fax pics. Is going to study pics and re arrange investigations. I hope I can get some medication now seeing as I know have a fertility problem it seems unlikely that I will accepted for egg sharing unless my amh comes back good which I'm not feeling that confident about.

    How is everything going with you? x x x

  • Jess i love this sight aswell, as this is the only place where i can share my feelings and ask questions. We are all in the same boat here and thats why we can understand each others pain and anxiety.

    Yes jess, you sometimes have to fight, i know its tiring and sucks out all your energy. But do speak to them and get this sorted, im sure nhs might be able to do something incase your amh results are low.

    i have startes my downregulation pills from today for 12day, then after my next period il go for scan, hopefully if my lining is thin enough, i can start stimulations from next month.

    I dnt want to complain about nhs,as they are helping me in this hard time to get pregnant, but im still unhappy about some of their services and system. I was supposed to start my cyle last september, but due to their lack of investigations. I could not start then. So i was ready for stims in march. But after my downgregulations then my uterus lining was 6-7mm thick so stims had to be abandoned. I had a hysterscopy in may, to see why my linings was thick. The result was ok,they didnt find anything. So i start my down regging this month. So im not getting excited anymore, incase the same problem occurs again and the cycle is abandoned. Im fine physically but really mentally tired, but still coping. I feel my life is stuck in limbo cause of ivf.

    Goodluck with dr appointment. And keep us updated.

  • Finally at 5pm I heard from my private clinic and they're happy to fax pics over to my dr surgery they were good about it. I explained the reason why... Oddly didn't sound so surprised.... Lita phoned our ex nurse she was a bit shocked by it and was really nice and said to keep her updated and if there was anything they could do not to hesitate to contact her I was touched by that :) my gp is on the case and will have the scan pics and see where we go from there I might qualify for help. Or maybe my amh will be ok.. Who knows... I'm just keep an open mind.

    How are uou Shirley?

    X x x

  • Great news jess!! Yeap keep your mind open and be positive. Im ok, thanx. Still taking the noresthisterone, only on the 2nd day need to take it for 12 days and then go for the scan. So keeping my fingers crossed!!

  • I went to see my dr the private clinic hadn't bothered faxing scan photo... I saw was completely disinterested by my ovary... I'm so upset I've given permission for dr to talk to my gp said she's not the best to speak to over this sort of thing..I said refer me to someone who is then...And she refused... Yet the other dr was really worried and wanted to run blood tests etc...Am all over the place...I said the ovary is so half the size of the other ovary..And looked bad enough for me to be questioned if I'd had surgery or a bad injury on it...Yet the scan I had a year ago said I was normal..if it's always even like that fine..but I'm not sure it has...nothing about this is easy... I'm still battling to get the scan pics sent

    How's things with you Shirley? I hope things are going better your end

    X x x

  • Oh so sorry to hear that! What can i say about gp's?? Did you get the result for amh? If that is good enough then you can go ahead with egg share. My end.... nothing much, still on day 5 of norethisterone. But i hav other crisis in my hand at the moment. My father in law is seriously ill and has least chance of survival, but unfortunately he lives abroad. ( thats another long story) so hubby is in the process of flying out tomorow... but he will be back for egg collection... oh god!! I dnt know what to think anymore, its just so much going atthe same time. Seems like forever now. But i m still being positive ... as long as it all ends well, il b happy

  • I'm so sorry to hear about father in law :( your poor hubby.. That's really awful..I hope he gets better soon..

    Have heard from private clinic emailed me copy of scan have given that to dr.. To prove I'm not making it all up...Seeing it writing was not ovary is less than half the size if other one...and only has 3 follicles on it where the other one has 9 might be ok to share tho.. Hopefully.,,will phone the lab to get my results...feeling a bit more postive.

    When's ur egg collection hunni?

    X x c

  • Low amh can't egg share...beyond heartbroken ...don't no where to go from here..feel empty

    X x x

  • Hi jess1981. It could just be that you were born with a smaller ovary on the one side. This doesnโ€™t mean it doesnโ€™t work and canโ€™t be stimulated! Some women have to have cysts removed and lose half an ovary, but still manage to release plenty of eggs for their IVF. As Missmmc has said, you need to see what your AMH results are like before worrying too much. Have you spoken to your GP regarding some help with drugs for IVF, if it turns out you have to pay? Some GPs will help with the funding of them, so is worth asking, as it will cut the cost down if you do have to pay. I do hope that it all works out well for you both. Diane

  • Hi Diane. Just found out amh us no good it's 4 mil and I can't egg share now. Is there any help the nhs can give me to help us have a baby?


  • Thanks Diane it was a big shock cos I was told both ovaries were normal. And the ovary looked so bad I was asked if I had an bad injury or surgery neither is the case. The ovary is half the size of my other ovary but on a postive it is still producing a few follicles not many so I hope it still works....

    I have phoned my dr and she was pretty shocked by it. I'm so glad I contacted my dr I was concerned I might be fobbed off cos I still have one totally normal ovary.My dr made the appointment .she wants to see me this Monday.The dr wanted to see the pics and reevaluate the situation,with this new finding I may now be entilitled to nhs funding seeing as there is a possible fertlity issue. Last month we were discharged from the nhs clinic with unexplained infertility and the option of trying or ivf... As I have a son could not get nhs funding... The consultant recommended egg sharing as an option as we cannot afford to pay for ivf...

    Wednesday I was having my amh blood test and vagunal ultrasound to do follicle count and that's when I received the shocking news of the left ovary... I was told providing my amh is of an acceptable level I still have a chance of being accepted onto the egg sharing programme... If I was and they couldn't colllect 8 eggs if I agreed to donate all my eggs to recepicent I could receive another ivf cycle free of charge and keep all the eggs to myself.. Maybe not all is lost....

    I knew there was something not wasn't quite right.. Sometimes u just know... After 2 years of being told nothing is wrong it's a relief in an strange way to get a reason for our suffering...

    I've contacted our ex nurse to make sure my dr has all our paperwork. The nurse was so supportive and said to keep her update with news and if there was anything Ishe could do to help let her know.,which I was touched by :)And my dr is on the case and it's a great comfort to feel supported by the medical profession.

    But thank u for ur advice it was very appreciated will have good dr to see wot the next steps are. I'm so happy this site exists it's been a life line to me helping me through a tough time X x xw

  • Hi jess1982. Just wishing you all the luck in the world! Good to know that all your medics are doing all they can for you. Diane

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