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FSH of 10.3 + qualify for IVF on NHS... hospital options for being seen at St Peters in Chertsey.

Hello everyone.

I was hoping that someone might know the answer to this. Many thanks in advance. I have got my first Fertility appointment in July at the Ashford and St Peters Hospital in Cherstey, I know that IVF isn't carried out at the hospital but does anyone know what your options of hospital are if they do advice to go for IVF? I have been diagnosed with mild to moderate endometriosis that was treated with ablation in September last year and we thought this might do the trick after trying for over 3 years but with no luck. Also I have got an FSH level of 10.3 and I am 31 years old... does this mean I won't qualify for IFV on NHS as I think the cut off point is 10? or am I making this up? I also have a AMH level of 4.6 which is very low... not sure there is much point in IVF even if I do qualify :(

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Hi Tinkerbell.

These links should help you x




Good luck on your journey :-)


Thanks so much for this. It has been so helpful and has put my mind at ease. Thank you so very much xxx


Hi Tinkerbell, I have also had my AMH tested and it was really low for my age... I was really worried but my consultant told me that because of my age (28) I can still progress with a normal pregnancy!! I have heard that acupuncture is meant to be good for IVF/ICSI... might be worth looking into?! Good luck hun and if you ever need a chat you can always private message me :) x x x


Hi there.

Thanks u so much for replying. I will definitely be doing acupuncture as I am hoping it will help with the extremely painful periods due to endometriosis.

All the best to you too and fingers crossed xxx


Hi TinkerBell28

I have got my test results with low levels of progesterone (3-5) :( . And now have been referred to the Ashford and St Peters Hospital in Cherstey 4 weeks back. So I was hoping you might know the timelines for the first appointment letter (as i haven't received one yet ) and the treatment. What is the normal process and waiting list looks like at this clinic?

Many thanks in advance.

Good Luck :-)


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