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finally on the ivf list.. don't know what to do?

My partner and I have been trying for a while and I new something was wrong. Turns out I have a bad case of Polycystic ovaries, then had a hycosy scan that left me in pain and bleeding for 2 weeks! then I had an op to see what was going on, I was meant to have ovary drilling but luckily did my research the night before and realised that it was a permanent thing of loosing my ovaries! and I'm only in my 20's! I have a lot of pain on and off throw out the month and I have been told the only way to stop that is to get my tubes removed but again that's too much of a permanent thing so I don't want to. a few weeks ago my doctor calls and said they have just started funding in my area and has put me on the 'list'! It doesn't feel real enough for me to be excited - I don't really know how to feel, especially as there is only one cycle available. How long does this take? when will I hear from anyone? She asked me some questions on the phone and put me on a list and that's it.. What happens now? I feel like I've already waited a life time and its only been a few weeks! Sorry about the rant, if anyone has any advise or anything, that would be great :-) I don't know anyone who is going through this or who can understand, so I thought I'd give this a go..

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Hi Hun, I couldn't read and run so thought I would drop you a line. Sorry to see you have been having it tough! When it comes to pcos I don't know much I'm afraid but Ivf I do. How long everything takes depends on your individual case Hun, mine took 6 months from on the list to first injections. Try going to fertility friends website, it's a forum site and is absolutely pack full of info and ladies like us! Best of luck with everything. Xxx c


Hi jaslacey

Again I didn't want to read and run, everyone needs people to talk to, and even though I don't have pcos I have blocked fallipon. Tubes, me and my husband have been trying for five years and in them five years I have had all the tests and done everything, and still no baby:( but I know why now, and now we can move on, I know it is hard everyday that goes by seems longer and is hard to deal with but you keep going, because I have hope know, I can't get funded Ivf as me and my husband have a 10 year old I'm 27 and husband 28 we had him when I was 17 so we have to pay and we have saved enough for 2 cycles and starting saving for the third, it's been such a long journey but know we have had our date for consent signing and to pay and then start 25th of June, so I know the waiting around is hard and you can't think about anything else but just hang in there sweetie because you do get there even though it feels like you wont you will get there i don't know how long waiting lists are on nhs but I did over here when I was at the seminar someone said they try to work around a 16 week turn around so that might be from when you apply for ivf to when it starts but don't quote me on it just something I over heard, but if you ever want to talk give me a shout its hard when you have no one to talk to:) good luck sweetie wish you all the best:) xxx


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