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15dpt faint positive line after few hours plus bleeding :(


Hello All,

I was due today to take a pregnancy test today i.e. 25th march. which was negative in first place but den after few hrs I saw faint line, so I called my clinic, they said to repeat the test again tomorrow with first urine, coz they dont do beta test at all. But seriously, I am afraid to do so, So, I called my GP and ask him to do my beta hcg and got an appointment for thursday.

But my concern is my bleeding is really red and heavy now and when I pee, I could actually c the blood dripping out of dere ..( sorry for details, I got my last period on this bloody day only, so I think its my period :(( ), but less crampy. I dont know whats going on, what do you think do I have still chance? NOW, I have to wait till Thursday or may be till next week for the result to come in.. :(

I am enclosing the picture of my test, kindly give your views, is it really a faint line or jus me hallucinating..

(point to be noted:- it was visible after few hours of test)

best wishes to all who are in 2ww times, never thought I will be writing all this horrible things.. :(

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Take another test like recommended by the clinic when you first wake up, it doesn't sound too hopeful to me but I am no expert as not as far along the route as you but I know if I was in your position I couldn't wait. Good luck honey I hope you get the result you want.

Hi Wings

My concern with your pg test is that after 5 minutes, most tests tell you to disregard the result as its usually an evaporation line rather than a + line.

Ladies do bleed around the time of a + result, its not that uncommon, but I think it tends to be darker, old blood left over from implantation, rather than fresh red blood, and it sounds like you've had quite a lot. Are you still bleeding now?

I'm really sorry to sound negative and of course there is still a chance of a good result so you must continue to do whatever the clinic want you to do - but I'd rather be honest with you. Make sure you have your HcG test done and let us know how it goes.

Good luck xx

Thank you dear .. i will update you with my result on thursday ...:) crossing my finger

Hello dear ..

Thought to update you about my condition..

well, today is my 16pdt and now all of sudden bleeding has been stopped however, a very dark brown color discharge is there on when I am wiping it off ...any clue ... anybody... anybody had this exp .. and turn out to be odds in favour ..??

please do reply ... would give me strength to survive

thanks in advance .. :)

Hayleyc in reply to wingsofsoul

I have had brown stuff only when I wipe and I am 5 weeks pregnant. Do a clear blue as that way it way say pregnant or not pregnant brown stuff is normally a sign of the embryo implanting . Please update us to let us know your results :)


Hi I would buy a clearblue digital pregnancy test.. you dont have to rely on lines appearing. It will give you a straight yes or no answer x

Brown is usually a sign if old blood that has pooled somewhere in your body and deoxidised. It can be a sign of implantation. In my case, before any IVF cycles, I would often get it at the start and end of my period, so could also be that.

Have you done your pg test yet today? X

Hi. I hope you got the result you want. Please let us know how you got on. :)

Really sorry to hear this, I really hope it's a positive result ! Let us know how you've got on xx

Hi All,

Thanks for your concern.. Its BIG FAT NEGATIVE .... :( I am out of this race !! nothing more to say, but praying for all of them who jus started dere journey ..!!

Hidden in reply to wingsofsoul

Im really sorry. Do you have any frozen embryos x

Hi Sum1sweet ..

Nope .. no frozen !!

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