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Trying to conceive first baby since 3 years !!!

Its already 3 years of marriage and we are finding very difficult to concieve !!! Am on NHS fertility treatment and my HSG appointment is in mid november'13.my LMP was proved anovulatory with < 0 progesterone even after taking metformin*500 mg*3X..Already my BMI is 33(too much !!).Just bugged to take it anymore.HOW ELSE TO PROCEED??

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I think if you want to get further NHS help like IVF, you must lose weight, otherwise your only option would be to pay for further treatment. You may see an improvement in your progesterone if you lost weight too. Good Luck!x


I had a BMI of 34.4 in June, now down to 32.4 but they said I need to be down to at least 31 before they'll do a laparoscopy and then down to a normal BMI before IVF. Sucks eh but I do feel better in myself already! Good luck, I know how you're feeling! The specialist seems to think that the weight loss will kick start everything naturally anyway... I'm not so sure but wait and see I guess!


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