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Is there a weight restriction for the male partner who has no fertility issue before IVF Will be given?

I have had my tubes removed so can not naturally conceive. Had been referred for treatment in Exeter. my partner went through several tests I am producing eggs so all positive. My partners semen is healthy nothing un toward other than my tubes are missing which should affect are chances. But my partner body builds and when they weighed and calculated his BMI they said he was over the 30 mark and will not complete the treatment till he lowers his weight. I have read report from NICE said even though it is advise a BMI of lower than 30 no restrictions reply.

So what I want to know is do I have any rights to contest this decision?

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Decisions are down to local commissioning groups, so it may be to look at their rules and see what they have decided. But I'm intrigued by their decision on a body builder, who like rugby players have a lot of muscle mass, and are obviously fit, but BMI says obese.... I would be tempted to appeal under common sense if he does honestly look fit and healthy. Unfortunately, NICE guidelines are only guidelines. Good luck xx


Thank you very much will keep you posted


Hi Mrs Wyeth. I agree with what Flowergirl has stated re guidelines being guidelines and not “set in stone” so to speak. I feel that if you had a male factor infertility problem, then OK they might have a point. However, it seems as if your partner’s body building has not affected his semen analysis, then you should be given the opportunity to go ahead with your IVF go on the NHS. Good luck with it all. Diane


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