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Monday marks start of treatment

So after one year & forty six weeks on the ivf waiting list, Monday is the day we start our treatment! We have had our initial apt where we got a pile of forms to read & complete and blood tests. Then the follow up apt to give back forms & get blood results.

I am surprisingly optimistic about the treatment. For the last two years I have been worrying bout what happens if this doesn't work & what route will we go down then. But since getting these apts through & speaking to the nursing staff at the hospital I am extremely upbeat. All I am thinking about now is that by this time next year we will have a baby.

So come Monday I will be picking up my injections which hopefully will mark the start of the next chapter of our life together!

Can't wait!!!

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It's so nice to hear how excited and optimistic you are. It's really hard to stay positive during the treatment, believe me, but it sounds like you have got your mind in the right place.

We are going for ivf again next spring and I'm hoping to feel as positive as you :-)

Good luck with your treatment and I've my fingers crossed you get the result you both deserve :-)


Thanks Pumpkin. I quite surprised by how optimistic that I am. Will see how long the positive attitude lasts.

Good luck with your treatment too. X


Wish all the very best :)


Good luck and wish you all the best. xx


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