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Hi everyone, ive had 4 days of Menopur, and out of 4 injections I have have lost 1 line in my dose twice, will this make much difference

because I am worrying about it, this morning when I sucked up the medication in the syringe the cap came off the syringe and I lost abit and I noticed it was a full line of medication I lost when I pushed it up ready to inject.

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It's probably nothing to worry about - I ended up taking the wrong dose for about a week (major blonde moment by me) but my clinic didn't seem too concerned about it and it didn't seem to have any effect to egg production etc (am currently in my 2ww period)


Hi thankyou, thats made me feel abit better, ohhh I do hope you get your positive, that will be me in about 3 weeks. I wish you all the luck in the world.


many thanks....likewise