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Exercise - is it safe to do so or not?

There is so much conflicting advice about whether its safe to exercise during the ivf cycle - has anyone any advice re this? Do other people continue with their exercise? I have continued my exercise regime (I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and play badminton 2 or 3 times a week) through the injections stage of my ivf cycle - but have my egg retrieval next week. Im not sure if I should be stopping the exercise or whether I can continue on at a slightly reduced level?

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I use to run 5 times a week and continued to do so throughout my injections, once I had my egg collection and transfer I rested for a few days and swapped to swimming, I believe that if your fit and healthy then why not continue to exercise, I am now 17 weeks pregnant and still swimming 4 times a week to keep in shape and I'm 38 years old and it worked fist time for me. some people may say to you take it easy rest and don't exercise I think its up to the individual and as long as you slow it down I cant see the harm.

I wish you all the look in the world



many thanks for your reply - its reassuring as I wasnt looking forward to having to give up exercise (plus I really hate swimming so dont want to have to take it up)


Hi debh1, I am just about to start my injections and I was advised by my nurse to cut down on excercising especially my running she did say to continue with my swimming but I do think its up to the individual if you have always exercised then it won't be a shock to your body and in my case it's something to do to take my mind of things. Hope this helps and good luck with your ivf x




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