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Anyone been refused ivf because your partner has 2 children in a previous marriage

4 years ago I had an eptopic pregnancy with my partner the pregnancy was a shock but was

Very happy and after a lot of visits to hospital and scans nobody picked up my eptopic they said my baby was fine and 6 weeks I then became very poorly and went to hospital with internal bleeding as my tube burst they removed my tube as their was a 3 month fetus growing in it also at the time of op they said my other tube was ok and now its been 4 years on and they say my other tube is blocked and its not worth unblocking and ivf is only option but I cant get on nhs as my partner has 2 children and I dont think its fair as they are not mine and I should have the god given right to experience having my own child and it makes me mad as I dont have the money to pay for it and im 39 so time is not on my side and I feel so empty and cry everyday and yet the nhs will fund tummy tucks and gastric by pass for fat

People who make themselves that way and my body I have no control over

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I am really sorry you have been turned down for NHS funding because your partner has children - it's not part of the NICE guidance but sadly it's something which may PCTs (now CCGs) use as criteria to ration treatment. You can appeal though - visit the NHs Funding section of our website and use the template letters as a guide to help you. State your case that it is you who has the medical condition and require treatment - I wish you the best of luck



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