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Living with Fatty Liver and NASH
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Fatty Liver Disease

Hi everyone, my name is Debbie and I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease 3 months ago. Its been such a struggle with changing my whole eating habits. Has anyone else had problems? On top of having the fatty liver i was in the hospital last year with diverticulitis so finding things i can eat has been rough. Any suggestions?

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Hi, Debbie! I was diagnosed with NASH last September, and I had trouble changing my ways when I tried to just eat in moderation. It took committing in a drastic way to make the switch. I am doing Whole30, which cuts out all added sugars, sweeteners, and artificial sweeteners; dairy; gluten; grains; and legumes. The rules are very strict, but I found that easier to stick with than something that gave me enough rope to hang myself. The idea is that you can do this for 30 days. Then you build off of that. Check it out at whole30.com. My liver enzymes are finally coming down, as are my blood glucose readings, my A1C, and my cholesterol and triglycerides.


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