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Not really a question

but currently in happy mode and keen to share it. The school places were offered this morning for primary schools and we have been offered the place at the one that we wanted. We're both so pleased. This school have been very proactive in meeting our daughter (following our enquiries about their experience with FAS) even before we knew the allocation and have been keen to show/tell us all they do for their various pupils (whatever issues they face). Only time will tell if we made the right choice but from what we've seen already, it'll hopefully give our daughter the best opportunities to enjoy school from the start - which is what we want.

whilst it will be a scary time, we're feeling really positive about it. Let's hope our daughter does.

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Hurray - hope all goes well. Have you told the school about the Education Forum and training day? why not send them details - here they are:

Hope it does go well for you


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