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Our 3.5 year old daughter has having problems at preschool with hypersensitivity - hearing and sight (insists on wearing sunglasses most of the time!).

Additionally our preschool teachers have made referral to ed psych and paediatrician as her short term memory is awful. We know her birth mum drank whilst carrying her so FAS is highly likely. We're all for it so that our daughter can have support when she starts school in September.

Question 1 - we believe that both the short term memory and hypersensitivity are signs of FAS? is that right?

Question 2 - what can be done, if anything, around the hypersensitivity?

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The occupational Therapist did a sensory diet assessment on j due to all these difficutlies it has helped not so much in school but has at home and now know what to avoid or prepare for at places which can cause problems. Bonfire night is a no no re. noise and crowds which make things worse and cause meltdowns, j struggles with anxiety as well which is all connected. A really good book to read is the out of sync child talks all about sensory needs it is on amazon.


Thanks. Amazon will love you as I have just ordered a copy!


The memory was the main thing I noticed in our daughter. I kept bringing it up all the time and despite having 4 children was told it was nothing to worry about.....normal forgetfulness. I used to get so frustrated and then at times thought maybe I was making a mountain out of a mole hill. But then I decided I had to go with my instincts, I knew something was wrong. We now have her diagnosis which has really helped take he pressure off her at school, she could not do homework and lessons were such a struggle. Hope this helps, don't give up and most importantly trust your instincts x


Hi, sensory issues have played a major role in our sons life from the beginning. The resulting behaviours have been misinterpreted by others including professionals. The best thing we did was to have a full assessment carried out by an OT who specialises in sensory integration. It still took us a long time to get our heads around this and even with therapy and sensory adjustments etc, it can frequently rear it's ugly head! We thought our son had short term memory problem but on assessment was found to be ok in most areas with auditory memory for complex information being the most problematic. Sequencing is also an area of difficulty. He has a diagnosis of fas.


thanks all. We will keep being pushy parents to ensure that we get as much help from the right people. We have the ed psych for our area coming out in a week or so which will then mean that we can finally have our appt with the paed.


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