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Lots of Media Interest on FASD - what does it mean for you?

The FASD Trust today published a Consensus Statement on FASD, by medics for medics. This will mean, in theory, that parents and carers will no longer be bounced around the system, that children at risk will be identified earlier, that children who no longer live with their birth mother will have their pre-natal alcohol exposure noted on their medical records and that there will be clear referral and diagnosis pathways for those who are affected.

Hopefully this is the start of moving forward and improving the care given to those affected by FASD. If you want a copy of the report, please e-mail

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Hi Joygirl, I havn't managed to read this yet, could you tell me if the alcohol records will be self reported drinking levels (or in many cases not reported) or if there will be tests of some kind, eg meconium samples? I will read it in detail though.


The report does not suggest any testing at all - that is the press. The report suggests midwives use a standardised alcohol screening tool, ie TWEAK and that the answers from this are used to have a general conversation about alcohol consumption, with those at high risk being flagged. And, that the fact that alcohol has been consumed is noted on the child's notes as well as the mother's notes, in the same way that smoking is often these days.


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