Great forum, how do others get school to listen. 2nd school, report does not reflect the child I care for at all. Homework issues? Thanks

It is like we are seeing a different child. I know that no homework is complete but they say here is no issues at all. They say no statement required as she is too able. They do not understand FAS and I can not get them to listen to me at all. Please tell me how you have managed this, I can see this is effecting her self esteem and I want her to be able to achieve.

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  • I was at a review today with my boy (FASD no diagnosis) same thing.... School see no problems.... All children avoid homework.... Do they all tear the page out of the book to cover up...... And the bizaar behaviours... ARE THEY ALL BLIND.... Or do they not want to know.... Soooooo fed up

    so sorry wish I did have answers

  • It does help to know tha others are having the same frustrations. I sit there and am sure the think I am trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill, they just do not get it!

  • Have you got hold of a copy of The FASD Trust's Guide for Teachers? Great starting point for conversations... Drop an e-mail to Sue at

    Homework - I just leave the room, too stressful, especially Maths..............

  • Thanks for this I will write and see if I can get a copy .

  • I will too x

  • Once you have a copy of the teachers guide, make an after school appointment with the teacher and SENCO present, explain to the teacher how your child is affected, and just because they are bright is does not mean the child in unaffected. Explain how the teachers action in school is not helping and give them some clear actions you want them to follow. It really helps if you have these written down, keep a copy and give the teacher and SENCO a copy. Make a follow up appointment with the both and ask for a short written report of the progress they have made. Remember school is a service offered to your child and if you are not happy make them change. Keep fighting for your childs right. (I am a teacher and would welcome parents to come and chat with me)

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