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something positive


I would like to share with you all, a recent discovery of ours that has really helped our little person.

shes always had an issue with eating solids ( I say always, shes not yet 2 , so its been always for about a year!) and goes through phases, for a few weeks she will eat well if I feed her, then switch and for a few weeks she will eat well if she feeds herself, sometimes we are having a good run and she eats and puts on weight, and then we will usually have a bad run and she needs encouragement to eat, shes always liked variety and tries everything. but heres what I discovered, over the last few months, if I distract her, with a book , or musical toy, a sparkly bangle etc, she forgets shes eating, I can feed her and she is so interested in the object she is investigating that she just eats! its marvellous, especially as she had a poor start and is still catching up in terms of weight and development, so she needs the calories. I wanted to share this because, we tend to think that distraction is usually a bad thing, children with fasd need to focus on the task in hand, but not in this case, and it might remind us all , that fasd or no fasd , they are all children first and foremost and sometimes we have to think outside the box, forget what we think we know and see what works.. this worked for us.. hoorrayyy!

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