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How can I help my now adult daughter who shows many symptoms of FASD

my youngest child(aged 21) - husbands by birth, mine by adoption, displays many traits of FASD. She was given a diagnosis of ADD as a child but I have always thought it was something else. I now know that her birth mother (deceased) drank heavily through out pregnancy. My daughter has just had her child removed by social services although my elder daughter has taken them both in to stop baby going into care. We need to put some support mechanisms in place but how do we get social workers to understand the problems when we don't have a formal diagnosis. For the first 6 months after she had baby there was a floating support worker but because she appeared to be coping this stopped !! she was coping because support worker was there. There have been many behaviour problems over the years, I suspect she has also been abused, she never learns from her mistakes, was in special needs stream at school, and has very little understanding of actions having consequences! A few weeks ago she was planning to go to Tunisia to marry a guy she only knew via Facebook and had no comprehension of the dangers to which she could be exposing herself and her little boy. any suggestion please

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Go see your GP and ask him to speak to or refer you to Dr Raja Mukherjee, National FASD Clinic. you can contact Raja's clinic yourself. Dettails here


Hi Jackie58, I am new to the forum and was looking through the archives and came across this post, this is not an answer to your question (unfortunately I wish I did have the answers) but I wanted to say that your daughter is very lucky to have you in her corner, please re post if you get a diagnosis.

Bernie Bubble


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