How do you choose a school for a child with suspected FASD?

My 6 year old is in a great infant school at the moment but will be moving up to juniors in a years time. Schools appear to have little or no knowledge of the complexities of educating a child with FASD - even, suspected FASD. Walking around schools on open days does not help, talking to staff does not help because they firmly believe that they will "manage", but they can't. Where do these children get educated because they often have a good brain? They just do not concentrate for long. Although the information goes in - they cannot get it out again. Especially on demand. Are these children destined to fail educationally? We are in the process of trying to obtain a EHC plan (Statement of Educational Needs).

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  • We are in the same position with our son apart from we already have an EHCP. I have been to look at our local school for children with moderate to severe learning difficulties ( can only apply if have EHCP) and I think this is where we hope to send him as the classes are small ( 10-12 children with 3 adults) and curriculum individually tailored. Lessons are in short chunks interspersed with other activities. I know other parents with children there ( not FASD) and they all think they do better there than at mainstream.

  • Thanks. I have thought of these schools but when I read they educate children with behaviorial problems I tend to think I don't want me child to go there as that will increase his symptons. I need to accept that it is my child with the behaviour issues and the way I feel is probably the way other parents feel about my child! It is getting my head around it and accepting it. Its hard because at home it is lovely and calm and he copes really well. He just finds the school environment difficult to manage and I do not recognise the child that the teachers are describing.

  • Look at fir help and support

  • Thanks for taking the time to respond. I will look into this.

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