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Hi everyone.

I'm new to this community forum.

I am a student children nurse and need some advice and help with my presentation on FASD. My part is focusing on discussing common stereotyping labels society has towards pregnant mothers that drink and children/young adults with FASD.

If anyone can contribute please share with me as struggling now as I seem to going off the criteria.

Many thanks in advance

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Good Luck,,

I am not sure that there is a common stereotype as the general public are either uneducated or ignorant towards FASD, the advice from the powers that be has only recently changed regarding pregnancy and alcohol, the common misperceptions were it is ok to "have a drink" in later pregnancy and we now know that is the time the developing brain is at most risk. So until there is more publicity and regulation Young mums will still unknowingly put their baby at risk.

As for the children themselves I can only comment on my experiences on age range 2-7. The brain damage is invisible and the behaviours of a child with FASD vary from child to child with common threads, the stereotype there is that the child is "naughty" or that the parents are "bad" when in my opinion most people looking after these children are the best in society as they have either adopted or fostered these children.

Are you aware of the face book site "FASD flying with broken wings" ? You will find people off different ages here living with FASD and may get more help.

I believe FASD is a ticking time bomb, and there are many children being misdiagnosed as autistic or having ADHD for example.

There are not enough professionals in this field and we desperately need more, I wish you well and hope you become an expert professional in FASD.

Good Luck,


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Have you seen the article in the Daily Mail? - I don't agree with the tone of it but it certainly includes stereotyping - There was a response to the article by Sandra Butcher of NOFAS which was far more measured - fasdlearningwithhope.wordpr...

Hope these articles help.

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